Creme-ino hets?

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Creme-ino hets? - 08/20/09 06:34 AM

Can anyone explain to me in detail what exactly a creme-ino het looks like? Body coloring etc... and could anyone post a pic of one?

Also the garnet eyes i've heard about...? Is it possible to get a pic of them? Is it like the actual creme-ino color? or more subtle? I've been so confused about this...

Another het color question...? What about leu het coloring? and albino? Are they different? Say a creme-ino has a creamy grey color... is the leu het a darker grey and the albino- idk lets say a pink grey? Or are they all colored the same when they're hets?

I hope that was all if it's not feel free to ask me to clarify it, I really want answers to this... grin
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/20/09 11:31 AM

All hets are the same color: GRAY. Some are lighter than others (depending on their lineage), but the color is still gray.

The het % indicates the possibility of that specific gray glider of carrying the leu or cremino gene. For example if a gray glider is 100% leu het it means that it DOES carry the gene. If a gray glider is 66% lue het, it has 66% chances of carrying the leu gene and so on and so forth.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/20/09 01:21 PM

Thank you for your help thanks but I know what the percentages mean, and I know they are always grey (unless they're expressing a dominant gene like mosaic, or WF grin ) but I was wondering about the color variations within the grey het gliders, i've been on so many breeders websites that have said "definately showing "het" charicteristics" for leus, creme-ino, and albino, and platinum. I was wondering what the difference was between each.

Also i've witnessed people talk about their creme-ino hets having a special "look" to them. I was wondering what that "look" exactly is. I'm especially curious about the garnet eyes many are said to have, what do these look like? As I said, pics to show this would be great, because you know a "pictures worth a thousand words." grin Thank you again.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/23/09 08:58 PM

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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 01:21 AM

there has to be someone who knows the answer....?
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 06:48 PM

Still looking for answers.... I will not give up on something that has me so interested grin **Stubborn face**
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 11:19 PM

The garnet eyes are not usually obvious in the daylight. Most of the time, they are not apparent in any light until the joey is about 6 months old. As the glider gets older, the eyes get lighter and the color is easier to see in natural light on a glider that is several years old. If you suspect that a glider has garnet eyes, you will need to go into the dark room with a flashlight. Many glider's eye will flash some red, but if you find one with garnet eyes, it we be very obvious.
If you handle enough creme-ino het babies, you get a feel for which ones will develop garnet eyes. Their eyes and their eye rings aren't as dark as a normal joey. But a glider can still be a het and never develop garnet eyes. This information is more valuable for those gliders that are not 100% het.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 11:26 PM

I have a 100% cremino het, so I know he has the gene, but to me, he looks just like a grey and I have not been able to notice anything different about his eyes or his coat.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 11:41 PM

That's right. They don't always have garnet eyes, but if you have a 66% or 50% het with garnet eyes, chances are it's 100% het.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/24/09 11:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Glide_Bye_Lily
I'm especially curious about the garnet eyes many are said to have, what do these look like?

They're cool beyond words! dance I've been lucky enough to see a few of the original cremino hets that Susan pulled from her "stock" and they are amazing-looking! They look like you took the eyes and ears of a cremino and put them on the body of a buttercream-colored glider.

That's the best way to describe them, lol.

I'll have to bug Leyna and see if she'll let me take some pics of them the next time I got over there, lol.

I have a 66% het with the buttercreamy color. Susan thought she was going to have red eyes, but they aren't red. However, they have an odd color in certain pics.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:00 AM

I too have heard the expression used. I believe when reading an ad for a platinum het baby for sale that it had beautiful platinum het coloring. The glider looked liked a normal white face blonde but I assumed it must have some lighter or more silver or SOMETHING to it! But then again, sometimes when I'm looking at colors there seems to be a REAL FINE LINE between one and the other! I know it's hard too when you're looking at pictures and not the glider in real life.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:06 AM

Thank you SO MUCH for the replies! lol. So the color of the garnet eyes can only be seen at night with a flashlight? And they develop when the glider gets older, gliders aren't born with them? the develop?

Now for (yet again) another question. Do grey hets for other colors like leu or albino have there own grey coloring? Creme-ino hets seem to have a creamy grey coat. What is the difference for the other colors? Thank you
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:23 AM

When ever a joey is born to hets that just has a different look, normally lighter, many call the possible "het" color.

For example I have 2 50% het for Leucistics right now. Look at the difference....which one would you say has "het" color?

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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:26 AM

The gliders I've seen with garnet eyes have VERY obvious garnet eyes. They look like burgundy-colored clear glass marbles.

From what I was told, some are a bit harder to tell and you need to use a flashlight. Their eyes look a bit "different", but not obviously red, but if you look at them with a flashlight and the lights are off them they glow red(it's really neat!). Some will develop the redness later on, but it's not obvious when they're babies. Or so I was told.

Why don't you contact Susan? I'm sure she could tell you alot more about it. It's always best to go directly to the source. wink

Leu hets will sometimes be lighter-colored. I'm not sure what coloring albino hets have, but from what I've seen, some will have a creamy color(almost like an albino het) and others have almost BB-type markings. My 100% albino het boy has a creamy due and reddish tones in his markings. I'm not sure what do describe his color as...kinda in-between cinnamon and buttercreme.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:27 AM

Definately the lower. grin thanks tyler! So there isn't really a special "tinge" to the coat that dictates a leu het or albino het, it's just when they look different? and creme-ino hets tend to have a more "buttery" look... Whew!
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 01:31 AM

AS you produce possible hets, you'll realize what is normal looking for that pairs joeys, and when something stands out you almost know that glider carries the gene.

Theres no science behind it, just the viewers point of view. Just because someone tells me a glider has "het" color, I may not agree, but that doesn't mean they are wrong. Now what I mean?

Generally speaking across the board we do look for creamy colored gliders.

Nicole....Susan posted here, she is ZooMama
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 02:06 AM

Haha. I completely missed Susan's post. tounge

You put it really well Tyler...when you breed possible hets you can just TELL when a glider is a het, especially if you breed for other colors as well.
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 10:26 AM

This is my beautiful boy Jupiter who is a Het for Creme-ino and he has the garnet eyes as you can tell in this picture. He's with his two cage mates who both are 100% Het for Platinums.

Anita heart

Description: This is Jupiter with his two girlfriends & one of his joeys
Attached picture Latte' & Mocha & Jupiter new pic 060709sa  p19sa1.JPG
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 12:48 PM

Jupiter is very beautiful and unique. Does this happen often (het with garnet eyes)?
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/25/09 02:56 PM

Originally Posted By: gliderboy4life
When ever a joey is born to hets that just has a different look, normally lighter, many call the possible "het" color.

Wow! You learn something new every day. Well, it helps, BEING new to all this too. grin
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 08/30/09 07:22 AM

Thank you for sharing your picture Anita! He's very handsome! grin

Although...this brings up another

Is it easier to see with a flash light or to take a picture? My gliders eyes usually shine blue or white with a flash. Would a creme-ino hets shine red? (or garnet) like Anita's?
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Re: Creme-ino hets? - 11/12/09 07:53 AM

Since this post seems to have fallen by the wayside...and I'm still curious i'm going to bump it back up grin
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