Full Moon Lunacy?

Posted By: Nara

Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:08 AM

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this. I'm just curious though. ::WARNING:: Kind of long and drawn out post! smirk

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word lunacy means, "insanity or madness; properly, the kind of insanity which is broken by intervals of reason, -- formerly supposed to be influenced by the changes of the moon; any form of unsoundness of mind, except idiocy; mental derangement or alienation."

It was said that at times of the full moon, insane asylums would spill over briefly for the few days around the full moon. It is not surprising to see where the idea comes from, seeing as the word lunacy itself resembles "Luna," a common name of the moon in other, more archaic languages.

So my question is this: Has anyone noticed a difference in their gliders around this time? I would think that in nature, there would be a difference. I'm guessing one of two things:
1. The fact that gliders are nocturnal gives them large eyes to see with in the dark. Therefore when the light of the full moon comes, it makes it difficult for them to see, and hence sends them into their nests for most of those nights; or
2. When there is a full moon, gliders like to come out because naturally there is more light, which makes it easier to see other nocturnal foods, such as crickets, worms, and other such things. Also, it gives them a chance to move around and play more.

I figure that no one really could know this for sure, but I guess I'm just a curious person. I think it would be interesting for someone to do a study to see if there is a difference. I guess because of their nocturnal eyes, that the light factor really doesn't matter either way. Their eyes would adjust to a full moon, or a half moon, or a new moon. It's still not as bright as the sun.

So if anyone feels like reading this whole thing (good job for staying with me thus far), let me know what you think, or have to say about it. thanks
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Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:17 AM

Hi there Kelli!
Things you 'll notice in gliders during a full moon are they tend to eat less and bark more!! at least that's been MY experience! You'll see a lot of posts if you do a search on what everyone's gliders are up to during a full moon phase.
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:27 AM

That's interesting that you say that, because as of last night, I noticed that my glider didn't bark once, or the night before. And last night she ate so much of her food it seemed like she hadn't eaten in days. But I don't know. Maybe she's just crazy, (Hehe, get it! Crazy! I'm so funny!)
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:32 AM've got jokes!! niiiiiiiice!!
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:39 AM

lol, ya, well, I try at least. smile
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:41 AM

Tonight's the actual full moon...any change in behavior?
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 06:55 AM

not yet, but we'll see how it goes. I have a whole night ahead of me.
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 07:00 AM

I'll be curious to hear if she changes behavior at all. Some people say they never notice a thing with their gliders...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 12:31 PM

Lunacy was also a term used to describe a temporary eye condition in horses 'caused' by the full moon. This has since been debunked. However, there are many animals that change their behavior according to the phases of the moon, or even where the moon is in the sky. Oysters will only open when the tides are high. (That's when the gravitational pull of the moon is the strongest). They will still open when the moon is crossing the meridian, even when taken out of their native habitat and put in a lab in another state. So they can tell, when the moon is full. Rats, mice, hamsters, have all shown an increase in activity on nights when the moon is full.

There are lot's of cases of animals and people being affected by the full moon. Although, lot's of scientists will tell you it's all hooey.
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 07:56 PM

That's interesting. My roommate has some mice and rats, and over the past few nights, the mouse has been running in her wheel like mad. I couldn't think of any reason why all of a sudden she would do that. Well, I guess I have a good enough reason now.

As for my glider, there was no extraordinary racket last night, and when she came out for a few hours, she just curiously explored my room again. Although she did manage to get up a few levels higher on one of my shelving units. She was so cute up there, like, "Wow, this is high up!" But otherwise, nothing really unusual.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/14/08 09:54 PM

My gliders get hyper during the "near to full" moon days. They eat less, play more, and are more jittery. I believe their eyes in the wild do adjust, of course, but I also think since the moon illuminates their food and habitat, they also instinctively know they are also more visible, hence the nervousness, and alarm barking at the slightest hint of perceived danger. JMO and observations.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/15/08 12:08 AM

My girls have been eating like they are starving to death for the last week, then last night... HUNGER STRIKE!!! They also were not up this morning at 6 am as they usually are. WEIRD! I can't wait to see how they act tonight when the full moon is up!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/15/08 12:17 AM

All 7 gliders at my house were members of the clean plate club this morning.
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/15/08 12:40 AM

lol, that's cute. My glider ate a little less last night, but honestly, I was giving her a lot of treats yesterday. She was being soooo cute.
Posted By: Snoopurr

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/15/08 01:59 AM

my girl lotus would NOT shut up last night in tent time. She barked for an hour straight? I would try calming her down, by talking to her, petting her, and going "sshhhhh" and she would stop briefly... it was weird b/c she was hiding and barking quickly. I believe this is from the full moon. my girls have been acting weird around this time of the month.
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Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/15/08 09:41 PM

Well, my girls still didn't eat very much last night. But I threw them off by trying the kitchen again. This time they actually at SOME food inside of it!!! WOO HOO!!! Progress!!!

Bella was however giving her wheel quite a workout yesterday evening. Which she NEVER does before we leave the room! FUll Moon Madness I tell ya!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/16/08 12:44 AM

My gliders havent eaten a bit for a couple days... i find their bowls almos full in the mornings and my sister just told me she has heard then barking relly bad the past couple days. Weird
Posted By: chattrbabe

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/16/08 01:02 AM

Maybe that's what my Luna's problem is! roflmao she's CRAZY! roflmao crazy
Posted By: Nara

Re: Full Moon Lunacy? - 10/16/08 04:56 AM

lol. well, so far it seems to be proving that nights of the full moon definitely change a suggie's behavior.
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