What kind of behavior is this?

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What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 01:02 PM

One of my females Marley has been in the same spot, same cage for a while and she has always had different gliders next to her. If I've ever rearranged gliders next to her she has never minded. Last night I put another female next to her that I eventually want to introduce to her and she seems to really want to get at her. She's never acted this way towards any other of the females if they were next to her and now she is acting that way towards the other glider now. What is she doing? I'm afraid she's going to hurt her nose. I've posted a video, hopefully it works. Also, what is the clicking noise they make around the 36 second mark?

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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 01:35 PM

both my girls cage are next to each other too and although gabbana is very crabby, dolce would mostly make the clicking noise and on several occassions i've seen her trying to reach over to gabbana, but gabbana seems still a little scared and comes off mean....would crab, lunge and crawl back in her pouch and crabbed and lunged at dolce when i tried introducing them.
although i couldn't see the video (i'm at work and no access to youtube or other sites as it) it seems to me the reaching over and clicking noise your glider is making towards the new one is that marley wants to get to know....clicking, chattering amongst gliders are sounds of them talking, getting along. =)
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 02:11 PM

Hmmm...I'm not so convinced she is trying to be nice. I'm just not sure why she all of a sudden starting acting like this when this certain female is around.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 03:51 PM

Any one else experience this?
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 05:30 PM

She is VERY interested in the other gliders. The clicking is her talking to them and is a good sound to hear, I would interpret that as a lets be friends sound. She is pushing her nose in the bars trying to smell the others and get to them. I've had some of mine behave this way during intros as well and they were sucessfull. Now I saw two gliders in the other cage, she is only going with one? If so, then your best bet is to seperate the one she will be with and have her alone next to this ones cage, tho they may get along without doing this in my experience this is what has worked time and time again. (this is because both gliders are lonley and with out a colony and quicker to accept new friend, if they already have an established colony (even just two gliders) they will defend their territory and be uninviting in most cases. The others are not as lonley as her which is why they are not as frantic to make friends as she. SHe should settle down once they have been there for a bit...when you start switching the pouches that should help her calm down too since she can smell them on the pouch.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 05:59 PM

Originally Posted By: SugareeErin
Now I saw two gliders in the other cage, she is only going with one?

There is actually three in the bottom cage. The female that I want to introduce is by herself in the cage on top in the video. She was at the other side of the cage when I was recording. I just thought it was strange how Marley was acting since she's never paid that much attention to any of the gliders until I moved the one female next to her.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 06:26 PM

She is scent marking her cage in that video - territorial. These gliders are not ready to be introduced, IMO.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 09:19 PM

I definetly plan on doing some pouch swapping. I just wanted to start off puting the cages next to each other. Marley actually has a cage mate right now, a sterile male, and when I intoduced them she didn't act like this and they had no problems being put together. I wonder if she just might have problems with females. I'll probably intoduce the male with Marley to my rescue female first and then put both with Marley on common ground.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 09:30 PM

I would not introduce these gliders at this point. The gliders on the right seem curious and relaxed and fine. Your female on the left does seem very territorial and could be aggressive when they are introduced.

I would continue pouch swapping and toy swapping, etc. until hopefully your female on the left acts much more relaxed.

I have done a few intros in my time, some have gone well, some very badly.

The ones that went well, both gliders seemed relaxed and curious. They were interested, and chattered back and forth, but you could tell it was friendly without a doubt, and they seemed relaxed and happy.

The intros that went poorly, I'm sorry to say, had a lot of the same signs as you see there. I agree with your gut instinct that your female is reacting aggressively. She seems agitated and she is marking a LOT, to say, "This is MY CAGE, DON'T COME OVER HERE."

I wonder if part of the reason could be that you have several gliders in that cage to the right, so the female on the left feels the need to mark and defend her space. You mentioned your female was OK with other neighbors before. Was there anything different about the situation she was OK with? Was there only one neighbor? Was the neighbor a male? See if you can pinpoint why those situations were OK and this one is not for your female...and see if you can maybe change the situation so that your female is more relaxed.

Please be aware it's possible she might calm down with time, but she also might not. I had two females I tried to introduce that were of a similar level of aggression with marking. They balled up immediately when introduced, and no amount of tricks in the book could ever make them like eachother. I eventually ended up with two duos instead of one happy colony. Sometimes with work gliders will accept eachother, sometimes not.

Best of luck to you!
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 09:32 PM

I wanted to add...while my female-female introduction went VERY poorly, the female who was originally being so aggressive WAS successfully introduced to a neutered at first sight! So sometimes I have witnessed that male-female can be a much easier intro than female-female.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 09:55 PM

I was thinking the same thing. All that changed was that I put a cage on top of the cage with the three gliders (the two in the video are from that cage). Marley never paid attention to them until I put the female's cage on top of theirs. The other female in question is not in the video, she's to the side doing something when I recorded this. I'm going to take this extremely slow and see what happens, but I might end up with 2 duos then a quad. I'm trying to get all my rescue/mill gliders in one cage together so there would be 2 females and 2 sterile/neutered males.
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Re: What kind of behavior is this? - 07/27/09 11:24 PM

I haven't seen a glider act that way before, either she is very excited and likes the other girl or she wants to keep her away. I would proceed with extreme caution. I wish you much luck and please keep us posted! smile
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