Do gliders stretch?

Posted By: Lindsay

Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 04:58 PM

I have my first pair of gliders, so I am going to be worried overprotective mommy for awhile. I had a question. You know how you wake up from sleep and you stretch and kind of work out the kinks? Do gliders do that?

I ask because one of my babies seems to do this when he wakes up at night. He stretches out his front paws, almost like he would when gliding, and his patagium expands and everything. Just curious to know if anyone else has experienced this. If I can get a video of it tonight I will try to and get it posted if you are unsure of what I am talking about.

Posted By: cryingoutloud37

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:02 PM

mine climb up to top of cage, hang upside down and stretch completely out they look like flat little squares with arms and legs.That I believe is normal.
Posted By: Lindsay

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:06 PM

He mostly does it at the bottom and kind of half falls while stretching. It actually reminds me a bit of myself in the mornings. I tend to stumble around while stretching and sometimes fall down. lol.

I was hoping it was a normal thing, I just hadn't heard anything about it mentioned.

I am being overprotective and worried aren't I, lol?

Posted By: Karin

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:17 PM

Not at all Lindsay. wink Not only do they stretch, they will yawn! Too cute.

Posted By: Holly1221

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:18 PM

yep wink gliders stretch. mine stretch out their front legs 1st then stretch out the back legs.
i have 1 boy Phoenix, who will reach for his treats. he'll hold on with his back legs && stretch out reaching his hands for the treat. my girl Lacee does it a bit as well.

Lindsay, we all have that over-protective-mommy stage ! i still worry what they're doing && i've been a glider mommy for years. roflmao some days Jeff does the most worrying !!
Posted By: Lindsay

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:24 PM

Too funny. Yes I will most likely be in this stage for a very long time.

I was watching him last night as he was trying to run on the outside of the wheel and I had to keep myself from running over and helping him when he would roll around and fall off at the bottom.

Posted By: Holly1221

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:34 PM

lol, they do that on purpose ! oh just wait, i assure you, it gets better
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:50 PM

They are like little people! wink
Mine stretch every time they come out of their sleeping pouch sometimes they don't even make it all the way out before they feel the urge to stretch!

Being overprotective is a good thing! It makes you mote aware of what's going on with your fuzzbutts. I think even the glider owners who have had theirs for years are still a little overprotective! So don't worry about it. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. No question is stupid. You just want what's best for your babies as we all do.

Congrats on your new pair! I hope you post pictures soon! We love seeing pictures of gliders! smile
Posted By: DirtyPaws

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:52 PM

Oh yes, I love patigium stretches. One of our females really stretchs out SQUARE for a long time when she wakes up. It's like a little patigium show! *See how pretty I am!*

(I'm the one who passed over Misty's cage to ya.) grin

Congrats to you! And it was nice to meet you for a minute! My daughter and I talked later about how pretty you are smile
Posted By: Lindsay

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 05:54 PM

It was great meeting you too Crystal. I can't wait until I can see everyone again.

I will definately be posting pics as soon as I can. The girl I got is a little scared of me at the moment and she does this cute peeking out of her pouch to see if I am around and then popping back down.

I am glad I'm not the only overprotective mommy out there. I know I have probably annoyed poor IowaMisty and Guerita to death with questions in pms and texts, lol.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 06:31 PM

Awwe! My Ellie does the "Pouch Peek". I think its the cutest thing in the world if my mother and I are around the cage watching her she'll pop up her head with her tail curled around it like a hat! And if my mom talks she crabs and ducks down! crazy
Its the cutest thing ever to me because she stopped crabbing at me a loonngg time ago, aparently Ellie just doesn't like my mom!

Posted By: Lindsay

Re: Do gliders stretch? - 07/28/09 06:34 PM

That is cute. Genevieve would crab at me when I walked by only two days ago. I didn't even have to be near the cage and she just knew I was in the room and would crab. She hasn't done that since Sunday and just started taking treats from my fingers last night.

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