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Piggyback? - 11/08/09 05:09 AM

So I brought home the three fattest boys Ive ever seen in my life tonight! They are really sweet though. There is one that is slightly smaller than the other 2. He tends to piggyback on another one. Outside of the pouch, the one giving the ride doesnt mind. in the pouch, it is causing a squabble. I dont see any sexual thing behind this so Im assuming its dominating? I just noticed that the one giving the ride has a patch of hair missing on the backside of his neck where there looks to be a healing bite mark. Is there anything I can do to deter this behavior or is it natural?

and yes, Im sure they are all Boys.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 06:55 AM

Are any of these boys fixed? Are they related? How old are they? How big is their cage? Have they seen a vet?

If they aren't fixed already, they need to be. The dominating behavior (which does include mounting) can quickly turn to aggressive biting and fights. This risk is even higher with multiple males that are not neutered. You may want to consider separating them until the neutering can take place. Offer them multiples of everything...wheels, food bowls, pouches, etc. You want to reduce the chance of them fighting over anything.

That missing patch of fur could be healing wound, hairloss due to stress, a cagemate could be pulling it out during the dominance squabbles, etc. There are several possibilities.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 03:01 PM

Theyir cage is temp. The lady I got them from was too sick to take apart their larger cage and include supplies so all I got was a pouch with them. So they in a smaller cage than I would like until i get the new ones ordered. I wasnt expecting to get these guys so soon. They do have multiple pouches and eating stations. I only have one spare wheel right now but only one seems interested. THey all pile in ONE pouch on top of each other and then fight.

no they are not fixed, I do plan on doing that as one has a tail issue that needs to be addressed anyways. Im told they are not related. I dont know where they came from or even how old they are really. I know they saw a vet not too long ago I think for nail clippings and that was when they brought the tail issue to light but she did not return due to illness so they are in my care now.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 05:17 PM

What is the tail issue? How long has he had it that way? Do you have a vet appointment set?

These guys need your help. They need to be neutered ASAP if you want to try to keep them together. I suggest separation until the neutering can take place. I suggest separating out the one with the tail issue immediately until he can see a vet. His cagemates could aggravate the injury (I'm assuming it's an injury).

The problem with separation is that it can be difficult to reintroduce if kept apart too long. This is why I suggest getting them fixed as soon as you can. Then you can get them back together quickly.

And of course, increasing their cage size will probably help tremendously. If these guys don't all have what they consider to be accurate space, fights are inevitable.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 05:42 PM

Please do take them all in for a wellness exam with your glider-knowledgeable vet. And please do get them all neutered, as Jenny recommends. Wounds of any kind should be looked at and properly treated by a vet. One of my babies had a tiny scab on his neck, and I thought it was maybe a scrape or something that had healed. A day or so later, it was a horrid-looking wound, and when I took him to the vet, I was told it was probably from a fight, and it was infected. He as on a course of antibiotics and in a separate cage until he healed. A few days after that, I noticed a huge wound on another glider's side. Back to the vet for treatment, another round of antibiotics, and another quarantine station until she completely healed. All of my boys are neutered, and this was the first incident of this kind in the 7 years I've had them.

Gliders also groom one another, and even with the best of intentions, can aggravate a healing wound. If you have a tent (like you would use for tent time), you can set up a separate space for the little fellow whose tail is injured.

Please do take them all to the vet right away, but especially take the ones with the wounds so that they get proper treatment. worried
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 05:43 PM

Well. Im ordering two sets of stackable cages but Im goin gto give these guys jacks old corner cage since it will have the most space and they are overweight so they need the room to be more active.

I dont have a vet appt set. Just got them last night. They were supposed to go the vet last wed but she didnt show up. The tail issue: the fattest one has it. Dont know how long. She says it was worse and has been healin gon it own. Says doesnt know how or why. its the tip. hair is gone and its pink. She says it might be the bone, Im not sure. I havent tried bothering him to look at it. They dont bite at all but I dont want to stress them out more. They all seem VERY bonded.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 05:57 PM

Here is one of them last night. I dont recall this one but i think he is the middle weight of all three.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 06:03 PM

lol OMG! You should name him Fat Albert. tounge Hes a cutie though! I know if anyone can get these gliders back in good health its you! heart
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 06:16 PM

Aw, you are a doll Sarah! smile
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 06:26 PM

Look at that butterball! heart I shouldn't say it, but I think "fluffy" gliders are adorable!!!

I would be concerned about the tail first and then focus on neuters. One thing at a time. wink I'm confident that you can give these guys the care they need. Try not to let it overwhelm you. Keep an eye on them and watch for signs of aggression or fighting. I still think separating the injured guy until he is looked at by a vet is a good idea. You wouldn't want a bad situation to get worse unintentionally, you know?

You're doing great!
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 07:07 PM


Im going to try the callt he orig vet that saw them before coming to to me to find out their diagnosis and see what they recommended as I dont know the details of the injury.

The confidence boost really helps me. They LOVES out time last night. I have a huge tree that they jumped on.. Sad but I was so afraid they wouldnt make the 12 inch leap from me to the tree since they are so heavy!

Yes they are adorable but they seriously havent any necks! Just rolls..and OMG the boobies! Ive never seen ahything funnier! THey have more cleavage than me! smile

Ill keep ya updated. I have a smaller cage so Ill take him out tonight when he wakes up and put him in his own cage for safe watching.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 07:56 PM

I got two 1/2 brothers that were around 6 months old last year and tried to introduce an adult rescue male with them. I found the rescue glued to the back of the younger male. He wasn't doing anything, he just wouldn't get off. I separated them again and got all 3 fixed before re-introducing them. The more dominant brother still rubs on the other 2 and everything else in the world but no major squabbles and no more piggybacking in the past 10 months! Best of luck with the little porkers. My guys are starting to get cleavage too. wink
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/08/09 11:37 PM

Okay, well I will def try to find a way to get them all fixed. Its best for them anyways. I had the biggest of the all out today with his tail issue. Ill have to snap a pic of it and see what you guys all think.

Anyways, so he is super friendly although he did bite me twice, pretty hard. He likes to go under my hoodie onto my shoulder but if anyone comes near him, he crabs and bites. I slowly pull it back and i have a 50/50 chance of being bitten., If I move slow and expose him he is fine. If he startled, then he crabs and bites. He would wander off, like over tot he side of the couch, but he always came back and snuggled up. Im sure I have loads of claw marks all over my neck. I have renamed him Alby. Short for Fat Albert per MissSarah. LOL Its fitting.. But we spent about an hour watching Tv together today.. I expect his behavor but Im surprised he is as nice as he is for only knowing me for 12 hours.:) I know they were loved. She cried when she let them go and she called me a lot to make sure I knew every aspect about them. They werent on a good diet but I could tell she tried hard and really only wanted them to be happy hence letting them go.

Ill work with the other ones tonight. Im super excited.

His tail doesnt look bad to me, but Im not a vet. Ill will try to find the info for the vet and see what can be done.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 12:03 AM

LOL! Hes super friendly but he bit you twice?
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 03:21 AM

Yea. LOL.. Silly sounding eh? No Hes what I call, the watcher. He sits on my shoudler and guards it. Anything comes near, he crabs and bites, but only Ive learned this and just go slow and he doesnt get me but know Im safe so I pet him. Its only when he is on duty.:)

Ive named them. The fattest is Turtle. The sweetest is Checker and the watcher is Alby. hes my crabber.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 03:29 AM

Aww heart They're very lucky to have found their way to you! lol Checker? As in Chubby Checker? tounge My poor little Dexter has some man-boobies going on too.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 02:45 PM

Yep as in Chubby.. and then turtle..I dont know. hejust looks round like a turtle. hes the fattest one..

They didnt touch anything except HPW last night. They had Okra and mixed fruit. I gave them each one super as a treat and I think Turtle is now my best friend! LOL! He kept coming to me, sniffing my hands for more!

Here he is enjoying his..which he ate upside down!
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 02:51 PM

lol Aww! Omg! He has neck rolls!! I know its not healthy, but its super cute.
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/09/09 03:02 PM

Yes they are cute.. i got out time with each of them last night. Checker was my buddy. He groomed me and never once crabbed. Turtle is the explorer and adventurous..and Alby is the guardian of my shoulder. it was fun. We watched Cool Running. I think they liked it. LOL.. Even the hubby was playing with them. their cage was TRASHED this morning.. They weigh so much, the flimsy grate on the bottom bowed and collapsed!
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/10/09 02:23 AM

Okay. Talked to the orig vet today. She is so nice. She said she was going to amputate the end because the bone was showing. Well, I dont see a bone. It has recovered itself and is trying to regenerate hair so she says to just keep an eye on it.

Hoping to get the boys fixed and then place them in a colony with the girls Im getting at the end of the month!

I have turtle climbing on my leg. he needs his nails clipped.

Alby is cranky.

Checker is my sweetheart! he was hanging out with my son earlier.

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Re: Piggyback? - 11/13/09 12:51 PM

Vet day. My boys are getting neutered! Yay.

(shh, I think he knows!)
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/13/09 02:14 PM

Good luck. Hope everything goes well. None of my boys had a clue that anything got done to them. Even after 10 months we still have to rub on everything with no scent glands left! roflmao
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Re: Piggyback? - 11/13/09 10:10 PM

Well, we are back. They were all three done in less than an hour. I didnt wait around. Went into town and checked out some little boutiques. Came back an they had separated out Turtle. They said that Alby was picking on him and bit him. They also said that Alby apparently Likes the anesthesia..a little too much and they had a hard time getting him to go to sleep...and the poor other 2 got the worst of it.. So I have turtle in the smaller cage. They are all sleeping well and seem to be doing fine. Im hoping for a lot less stink in the house now. I have 2 automatic air fresheners going.

I hope this is okay to say, but I really wanted to thank Glider Initiative for the help! thanks thanks thanks
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