Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male

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Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/18/09 06:10 AM

So I had a not so pleasant experience tonight. I have 2 males, one is neutered (Dallas) and one is not (Ralph). They were both in their pouch, and all of a sudden they both started crabbing with eachother. After it went on for about 30 seconds, I opened their pouch to check on them & noticed that Ralph was humping on Dallas and biting the back of his neck. His penis was also out all the way. I tried to separate them, but Ralph was in a trance and would not stop! Dallas was making a lot of noise, and I wasn't sure if Ralph was hurting Dallas. It took me at least a couple minutes to separate them, Ralph did not want to let go of him. After I finally carefully separated them, I checked Dallas out- there didn't appear to be any wounds. I kept them separate for about 30 minutes and then put Dallas back in the cage. Ralph was running around in the cage and running on his wheel for awhile. But when he went back into the pouch with Dallas, he started humping on him again right away. So it took another couple minutes to separate them. Dallas seems to be doing just fine, but I didn't want to risk putting him back in the cage, so I'm going to keep them separated tonight. They have never had any problems before and there have been no changes. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Or is it just about the time that unneutered males get crazy hormones? Ralph was oop mid june, and Dallas a couple weeks before him. They were introduced when they left their parents & have gotten along perfectly before tonight. I plan on taking Ralph to the vet tomarrow for a check up and hopefully schedule a neuter. I'm just a little worried, should I keep them apart now?
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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/18/09 07:06 AM

I'm sorry your boys are bickering! hug2

How old are these boys, Ralph specifically? It sounds to me like his hormones are getting the best of him. Neutering Ralph should help. He was clearly displaying his dominance and "being a boy". These behaviors can escalate into aggressive fights though so it's great that were so diligent in keeping an eye on them. You probably saved yourself from a much bigger issue (like an open wound). For now, I would keep them separate until Ralph is neutered. Too keep them from losing their bond or getting too stressed, you can still allow supervised play dates.

Hope that helps and best of luck! Please keep us posted!
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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/18/09 07:10 AM

I had the same thing happen.

Yes - I recommend separating them until Ralph is neutered. Keep their cages close, so they can see each other and talk, but not so close that they could grab one another through the cage bars (tails have been broken this way!).

Linus and Rocket were REALLY good friends from 9 weeks OOP on - Rocket was neutered, Linus was not. However, once Linus went through puberty, he couldn't help himself.

It was horrible for both of them. They were both hurt and confused.

Yes to what Jenny said. Ralph could accidentally hurt Dallas with a severe mating wound. Thing is, he would probably be just as upset! He doesn't want to hurt his buddy!
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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/18/09 03:00 PM

Ralph was oop mid june, so they are about 5 months. Ralph is going in tomarrow to get neutered! About how long after the neuter should I wait to put them back together? Or does that depend on how the supervised play dates go?

I did at least get one chuckle out of lastnight. I put Dallas in a smaller cage that I have never used for them before. I put the cage in the bathroom and made sure the bathroom was glider safe just in case(I'm a paranoid person!). Well before I went to sleep I went in to check on him, and there he is hanging on the curtains, outside of the cage looking at me! He climbed onto me, and I put him in his favorite pouch & into the cage. I'm guessing he somehow maneuvered the door to escape, so I secured it very tightly. He didn't get out again lol. I'm going to the store in a little bit to get a better cage. Sheesh, escape artists!
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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/18/09 07:12 PM

Five months is just about textbook maturity time for a male sugar glider. He's becoming a man! roflmao Unfortunately, this maturing can also bring on some pretty serious hormone changes. I'm almost positive that's why Ralph is suddenly doing this. The good news is that neutering should solve the issue.

I've always put my males back with their families after a few hours or maybe one night to sleep off the surgery and recover a bit. I just watch them close (the family can sometimes help groom the neuter site and in some cases they overdue it so that's something to watch for as well) and if I get uncomfortable, I separate for a bit longer.

Keep in mind that it can take a little while for the hormones to leave his system after the neuter. So, you may still see some aggression out of him at first. If you would prefer, you could just keep them separate (other than the play dates of course) and this would ensure that there are no injuries. After a few weeks, Ralph's system will clear and they should be alright together again. I've reintroduced males successfully so I have high hopes for these boys. thumb
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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/21/09 06:19 PM

Update on the boys.. Ralph's neuter went very well. I took him home right after the surgery and kept a close eye on him, he left himself alone. They both were so quiet while they were apart, which is unlike them. They just seemed so lonely, so I decided to let them see eachother. Ralph was soo happy to see Dallas, he climbed into the same pouch & made his clicking greeting noise for 10 minutes straight! I watched them very carefully and decided I just couldn't seperate them again (unless he was acting up again). So I've been keeping an eye & ear out, but they've been so good together- back to normal and very happy! I've attatched a few pics of them.. and just to let you know, Ralph is missing his ears- his mother nipped them off while he was in pouch (but didn't reject him). But thats what made me fall in love with him! Dallas is the WF.

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Re: Intact male trying to mate with Neutered male - 11/21/09 07:06 PM

aww....they're both ADORABLE!! They seem happy to be together agian.
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