Training and "tricks"

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Training and "tricks" - 11/29/09 09:10 PM

Hi. We're new to our glider, but always hear how important it is to keep their minds challenged. To that end, what training or "tricks" have other gliders learned (such as one would teach a dog/cat/horse, etc.?
Posted By: JillMarie

Re: Training and "tricks" - 11/29/09 09:45 PM

Mine come to their names.

jump on command

"wait" (like stay)

"stand" (up on hind feet and not allowed to grab for treat)
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 11/30/09 07:20 PM

You wouldn't happen to have videos of those tricks, would you JillMarie?
Posted By: JillMarie

Re: Training and "tricks" - 11/30/09 09:27 PM

No, sorry. no video camera.
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 12/05/09 12:41 PM

That is to bad. Do u train them after they are bonded or before?? :grey:
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 12/05/09 12:54 PM

Once on my hand, if I stretch my arm out to the side, they will dash up to my shoulder. If Sal is standing there, they jump to him. They know the sound of shaky treats too. smile
Posted By: Kiiru

Re: Training and "tricks" - 12/05/09 04:01 PM

Yin and Yang both wink on command and come when I call them. Yin will glide at any distance to me if I tell her to too.

But, one thing I made sure to teach all of mine was to get used to the sound of the yogie container being shaken and to come to me when they hear it. It was probably the easiest trick ever to teach and comes in handy the most. ^^
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 12/05/09 05:25 PM

Blink on command! That is so cute!

I also shake my yogie container for them! Even my bunny comes to that!
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 02/28/10 09:15 PM

Thanks for all your advice on tricks. So far our K.C. has learned the sound of shaking the tin can of nuts and yogie container. He jumps on command, also stands up for a treat, and when I am just holding him on my chest and talking softly, I can get a couple of winks out of him on command. All for a treat, of course. Once he's done with treats, he's on to his own jumping, climbing and exploring games. Hope our next glider will learn as quickly and easily : )
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Re: Training and "tricks" - 03/01/10 05:28 PM

This is so cool to me, I have never heard of being able to do this with sugar gliders, but I am new how would you even go about starting to teach them these tricks
Posted By: oakley

Re: Training and "tricks" - 03/01/10 06:43 PM

I've clicker trained many of my previous pets (including mice!) so I assume that gliders would be able to learn simple commands as well.
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