protective over food

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protective over food - 12/10/09 02:42 PM

My baby boy has suddely became over protective with his food. here the last week or so he will not let my female eat. She has to grab and go, she grabs like one peice of corn or pea what ever she wants and jolts back to the pouch to eat in peace otherwise the boy jumps on her and takes her food. Why would this suddenly happen? theyve gotten along great till this issue arose. Last night I finally desided to give him his own food it worked for about 2 minutes, and out of the corner of his eye he saw her eating out of the other bowl and ran from the opposite side of cage to stop her! i need some help I dont want he to go hungry.

oh - this is the oly time they dont get along is when theres food - when there not eating he loves her to death.

one more thing - if i posted this in the worng area sorry mods =(
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Re: protective over food - 12/10/09 03:42 PM

There are a lot of possible solutions to this problem including placing two food dishes in opposite areas of the cage, feeding at different times and sometimes it may be necessary to remove your male to let your little girl eat.....I have one food aggressive glider Brando and after reading about food aggression here, I discovered that if I am absolutely RELIGIOUS about food being in the cage before he wakes up, then my food aggression issues are completely resolved.......It took about 10 days of consistently making sure that there was food in his bowl before he woke up during which time, I had to be super careful that his cagemates were getting enough food, but now my food aggression issues are gone....hope that helps

Oh forgot to add that some people found using two bowls and a glider kitchen can help too but that didn't work in my case
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Re: protective over food - 12/10/09 04:15 PM

I was just reading your post earlier in class while we had a break its a four hour class and i usally finnish everything within 2 hours and two hours of computer free time ^__^ which i spend mostly on GC. there usally awake before i get them there food so ill will try your advice. i did the food bowl option and the glider kitchens,they dont like the kitchens because my cat was tourturing them when i introduced that i would place it on the floor of the cage and she would bat at the cage and scare them so they wouldnt go to the floor of the cage for the longest not even to use thier wheel

- they assocciate the kitchen with the cat-

I quickly stopped that when i found out was going on but occasionally she will get into the bedroom unsupervised and spider man up the side of the cage trying to get to them.
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