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Posted By: LalaPetush

color question - 05/18/12 01:32 AM

I have noticed that wf colored gliders have a more longer slenderish face compared to the standards. Is that just a physical attribute to white fwces or does it just depend on the glider?
Posted By: kjgoulet

Re: color question - 05/18/12 01:48 AM

I haven't noticed it with my gliders and I have 2 wf.. Personally I think it might be an "optical illusion" since they don't have the ear bars and so it makes their faces appear longer and more slender.
Posted By: Meg_n_Von

Re: color question - 05/18/12 03:30 AM

I know what you're saying - most WF glider do appear to have longer faces/noses. However, I do have a BB and a mosaic that have longer noses, like my WF female. And my WF females father (also a WF) seems to have a stubbier nose. :O)
Posted By: StitchsMom

Re: color question - 05/18/12 03:52 AM

I haven't really noticed this trend with mine. If anything, I see the opposite. crazy

I have a white face mo with a round face:

I also have a white face girl with a pretty round face:

My gray girl seems to have a pretty long and narrow face to me:

I think it totally depends on the glider. Yes, it could be an optical illusion, but gliders DO have different shapes in their faces and body just like people do. I truly think it may boil down to genetics.
Posted By: LalaPetush

Re: color question - 05/18/12 10:39 AM

Thanks everyone! Thought i was goin a little crazy lol.
Posted By: cryingoutloud37

Re: color question - 05/18/12 11:00 AM

I prefer the round stubby nose gliders and as a breeder I try to pick gliders with those attributes to pass on to offspring. I have seen all colors with pointy long face/nose.I think WF tend to look more obvious because of their markings enhance the look of a longer nose.
Posted By: LalaPetush

Re: color question - 05/18/12 11:15 AM

I like the stubbier noses too. But i love my ninxy smile
Posted By: etrnalsunshinee

Re: color question - 05/18/12 12:38 PM

I have 2 WF gliders Micah has a very long, slender nose, where Momo's is short with a very round face. I agree, that it all boils down to genetics smile
Posted By: Ryark

Re: color question - 06/10/12 11:47 PM

My WF girl Mariel has a very feminine face, slender and beautiful, mildly long but not overly so. Her mate Matthias is WFB and he has a very round, chunky head with a neck that is also broad, adding to the masculine features. Totally different facial shapes but both are WF.
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