Gliders & Daylight

Posted By: CharmedSuggies

Gliders & Daylight - 03/22/09 01:17 PM

I would like if someone can please shed some light on this subject. I have heard that sunlight can hurt their eyes being that they are nocturnal. However I keep seeing pics here and there of gliders sitting out in the daylight outside. So which is it?!?!
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Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/22/09 03:50 PM

Gliders pupils can get just as small as ours (you can see that when we get their eyes just right in a camera flash) but they get WAAAAY bigger than ours. SO, they can see in the light just fine, but they see alot better than us in the dark. It doesn't HURT their eyes, unless it's something bright, just like us, but it takes their pupils longer to adjust, so that's why when you pull them out in a lit room, they get crabby sometimes.
Posted By: josefine

Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/22/09 04:12 PM

when i take mine out of the cage, i always have one hand over their head to protect them from instant lite, if it is too brite. we usually don't have all the lites on anymore, because of this fact w/their eyes.
so, letting their eyes adjust to the lite gradually really helps alot.
but that is just my opinion on how i do it.
once they are adjusted, & calmed down, the lite really doesn't seem to bother them. they will still rather want to run into our shirts more often when the lite is brite, though.
i think age of the glider has alot to do w/many things, also. older ones aren't as skiddish, hyper. my two 5 yr olds are really laid back, as they are used to the life they have. i still do the same for them, but they settle down real fast, & 'play'
talk @ ya L8R
Posted By: CharmedSuggies

Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/22/09 04:52 PM

Thanks alot Amanda! That really does help.

Josefine, I do the same with my babies. I cover their little heads to shield them because I know I don't like to go from darkness to a bright light all of a sudden.
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Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/30/09 06:47 PM

Hi all, I care my new baby in my bra. Is it ok to take them out in the sunlight in my bra when I go?
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Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/30/09 07:00 PM

I use red light bulbs in the gliders room, our bed room & the living room. They don't mind the red light, it's easy on their eyes. And it gives you a better view too! They even tend to want to come out if they notice it's on.
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Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/30/09 07:09 PM

My gliders don't seem to mind the light. They will come out at anytime... especially when food is involved. I take them to work with me everyday and every couple of hours I will get them up to go potty or let someone see them. They are always eager to come out if they know mealies are waiting for them.
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Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/30/09 08:11 PM

Yes, it fine to take your fur-kid out side during the day in your bra. My friend Chelsea does this a lot haha, as said before Glider's pupils do retract the same way ours do BUT going from sudden darkness to suddenly very bright can startle them. Taking them out during the day to sleep in they're pouch, your bra etc.. Is one of the best ways to bond as far as I've read because they grow accustom to your sent and heart beat as they sleep!

Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Gliders & Daylight - 03/31/09 03:20 AM

Just as Amanda said, sun light or regular lighting (for normal periods of time) doesn't hurt their eyes, it is prolonged exposure, just like our eyes can be harmed from prolonged sun exposure.

And taking gliders out in your bra or a pouch will not hurt them (they will probably sleep through it if they are used to being carried). Plus, clothing has built in UV protection. thumb
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