An escape with other animals - what to do?

Posted By: DCMuffin

An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 04:06 PM

Several times, we see members talk about their gliders escaping or running away from them. Many of these people have other animals in the house, a disaster waiting to happen for our little fuzz butts. We hear time and time again, "my dog is nice, it wouldn't hurt a flea", or "my cat doesn't even pay attention". Always keep in mind that animals have instincts - so as calm as your dog or cat is when the glider is in its cage, you cannot be assured that it will remain so once that glider is hopping around on the floor of your living room.

So you have an escapee. What do you do? Your first instinct is to get that glider! Locate, grab it and return it to its cage. Wouldn't it be great if it were always that easy?

Your first order of business should instead be to isolate your OTHER animals. A dog or a cat is much easier to grab than a 100g sugar glider on the run. Take them out of the equation. Once you've done this, THEN you can focus on finding your glider. Keep this in the back of your mind at all times - because the results on the flip side can be disastrous.

Just my little tidbit for the day. smile
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Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 04:12 PM

I agree. :agreed: My gliders are in my room where no other animals are allowed PERIOD. exclamation However I do take them downstairs to sleep in between my shirts when I watch TV some. I have two crates for my dogs (that's where they go when I have to leave the house). The plan is and will be if a glider jumps down off me DOGS TO THE CAGES, CATS TO THE BASEMENT. agree Its always best to have an emergency plan in place if you have other animals. :yes:
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Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 04:35 PM

Great post, and I very much agree! One of my biggest fears is having an escapee because my house is prettymuch a den of danger for an escaped suggie (two large dogs, one of which I KNOW would eat a glider, and six ferrets). I keep my glider room door closed so as to minimize the danger; if a glider escapes his or her cage, he or she will still be in a cage of sorts because the glider room is small, secure, and free of other species of animals.
Posted By: MissSarah

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 05:04 PM

Great information, Aimee! We were recently adopted by a cat who would love nothing more than a little one on one suggie time. The gliders are kept in my bedroom with the doors closed at all times. So far, she just likes to watch them, but I don't trust her one bit. It would take s split second for her to hook one of them with her claw (even if it was just playing), causing infection to set up, and the death of one of my furbabies. I wont risk it.
Posted By: GliderGuy540

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 07:03 PM

Whenever I open the cage I always close the door to the room they are in just in case they decide to make a dash down the hallway. The other night I closed the door and opened up the cage and they all came scampering out and all over me and the cage. My little brave boy, Loki, launches from from my shoulder to the chair a short distance from their cage and when I turn around I am horrified to see Loki scooting up to my cat who was sound asleep on the chair and I hadn't noticed he was even in their room! I promptly scooped Loki up and shooed the cat out of the room! My cat has never shown any interest in them, but I know it only takes a split second for him to pounce on one of them if given any opportunity. My cat, Noah, has been with me for over 12-years and once he passes I will not have any other pets other than my gliders I think.

Aimee, this is terrific advice, because my gut reaction is to save the suggie when in fact isolating the cat IS saving the suggie!
Posted By: Dwiizie

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 07:16 PM

This is really wonderful advice. That is exactly what I put on my care sheet if I ever need a glider sitter. Do NOT try to chase and catch glider, lock CATS away, and call the "emergency glider person" for help. Emergency glider person is someone in my town who owns suggies and offered to help last time I needed a sitter, I had her "on call" in case the sitter needed suggie specific help that wasn't a vet emergency.
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 08:38 PM

I have had conversations with a couple of people who have been in this unfortunate situation. They went after the glider, who in turn got spooked and ran into the path of the oncoming dog. The dog was not aggressive, it simply saw its opportunity, picked up the glider and gave it a shake, like they do when they're playing with a toy. That's all it took, and I think that many people forget this. Your dog doesn't have to be mean to hurt or kill your glider. Nor does your cat.

So always, always take care of the BIGGER problem first, find the suggie last.
Posted By: midnight

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 09:17 PM

good post. this has happened to me before for about 30 seconds but i got lucky. My dog just looked at me like "you going to put that thing back and pet me
Im sure it could have been way worse
Posted By: SugarBattyPatty

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/14/11 11:00 PM

Thank you Aimee,good advice. thanks
Posted By: Teresa56

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 01:07 AM

Great advice--only had a glider get loose twice and I did just the opposite. I will try it the other way next time.
Posted By: Meg_n_Von

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 06:02 AM

Nice post, Aimee! :thumb2:
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 02:31 PM

Thanks, Meg. smile
Posted By: lilangels

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 03:18 PM

What happens with this when you have more than one cat? I have 5 cats and I have had the suggie jump off me and my 1st instinct is to get them back right off, because if I went to lock the most obvious cat away what happens if another one comes after the suggie while i am busy chasing down other cats. the only time this has ever really been a problem was one night when daisy for the 1st time ever decided to jump off me and take off after a cat. The cat was scared of her and ran but another cat came running. I just smacked the cat and scared her off while i got Daisy back with me. Since then I don't just let Daisy run free on me all the time like she used to do. After i had Daisy back safe i think i cried for hours it had scared me so badly. However I really think if I had taken even a moment to go after all 5 cats one would have gotten her before I could save her.
We have the suggie room so most of the gliders are in the room with me anytime they are out, but I do pack a few babies with me every day and they are usually just in my sports bra and if they wake up and want to explore we go back to their room. I would like to hear other's opinions on how safe it would be to leave the suggie in somewhere like the livingroom to lock up cats when you have so many and it may take a bit to find them all and get them locked up.
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Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 03:27 PM

In a case like this, where you want to have your glider on you and you have this many animals all in one room, it's a simple answer for me - don't do it. I'd either be in another room altogether or put the other animals someplace else.
Posted By: AmandaSnyder

Re: An escape with other animals - what to do? - 12/15/11 03:37 PM

Very very true im glad u have posted this because i have a very great dog shes a german sheperd she wouldnt hurt anyone,but she is a dog she chases squirls,birds and has drug abotu 4 dead ground hogs to my front porch so this is natural for a dog,i would never trust her to be okay with my gliders when i have an escapee i always put her in the bathroom or the garage depends on where she is when the glider gets out.She ia apart of the family but she doesnt understand that gliders are pets shes a dog lol.Also we have a cat and let me tell u if she had the chance she would love to play with a glider play as in chase it and smack it around and kill it,i know for a fact because about a year ago i had a few new rescues well all my cages were full so i had to keep them in a small cage until the new one came in,they were in my sons room (thats where i put new gliders for 30 day,that night i hurd a lot of noise and my son came runing into my room in a panic he said mom they cat nocked the cage over and the door came open,he was in tears and i started to freek i ran in his room and piced the cage up and luckily one was in the cage and the other one was loose i went searching i didnt hear the cat anywhere and then seen it walking up the stairs licking her lips it has only been like 3 min sence the cage had been nocked over i ran down in the basement and found the poor little guy laying there lifeless,she killed him in a matter of minutes and i couldnt blame her it was in her blood to hunt.I balled my eyes out and went out that night and me and my son barried him,he was 4 at the time and he blamed himself for a long time because he had went to the bathroom and didnt close his door to his room when he went to the bathroom so the cat got in his room.SO u can never be two careful i dont have cats anymore i just dont wanna take the chance of it happening again and my gliders are in a secure glider room that i leave locked because kids never close doors back cant live with them cant live without them lol.
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