Pet-Only Contract?

Posted By: CyanideSilver

Pet-Only Contract? - 06/18/12 09:06 PM

Here's an oddball question for you guys...
I'm curious about the pet only contract. I have a Sugar Glider I am selling as pet only, but I'm a little lost on how to go about setting up a pet-only contract. How do you have yours set up and what should be included in one? Thank you for the help! smile

Also, this brings up a question I just thought of. If you have a female (and I was told they don't spay the girls, or my vet says they don't), how do you know someone will hold up their end of the bargain by not breeding her? I guess it's just a trust thing?
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/18/12 10:51 PM

Feel free to look at my contract on my site. It is set up for either breeding or pet only. However, I can't guarantee that there is anything in it that won't work in your state.

As far as females go, many won't sell as pet only simply because there is no guarantee she won't be bred. If you choose to do so, then you need to seriously trust the individual getting your glider.

If you have a non-breeding contract, and they later breed her, then you could go to court over the contract violation.

Your vet is correct, spaying a female is not recommended unless it is medically necessary. It shouldn't be done to prevent breeding.
Posted By: jrc

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 12:34 AM

I too wont sell females as pet only. If is was a close friend and I truly trusted the person then maybe, but otherwise i wouldnt.

I have a dog breeder friend who states in her contracts that if the puppy is bred on purpose or accidental then it is an automatic $5,000 fine. She only give breeding rights if they put titles on the dogs...
Posted By: krysKritters

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 01:31 AM

I do sell with pet only contracts but typically only males. As everyone else said, there is just no way to know a female won't "accidently" be bred. frown
Posted By: MamaBird

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 03:22 AM

I am not a breeder.
That said, from the buyer side, I don't see why one would have a pet only price on a female. Once you sell the glider, contract or no contract, the new owner is going to do what they want. (Sure, there are the responsible ones who would stick to their word but...)
Not to mention, I'm sure every breeder wants to believe their baby is going to its forever home, but life happens. People move, get sick, get bored etc. Gliders change hands.
As a buyer who does not plan to breed, I'd love a discount!!! But, to protect the breeder, expect it may happen and price accordingly. Offer to help find the right mate if they decide to breed, but I think that's the best you can hope for. It could save you heartache and money if you try to take someone to court over a broken contract.
Sorry this was so wordy. I've read quite a stories about this issue and it seems no pet only contracts for females would help.
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 06:06 PM

You are right, selling females for breeding only would simplify it. But realize that there are some breeders that have taken people to court due to contract violations and have won!

If you (not meaning any "one" in particular here) don't plan on holding up your end of a contract, be prepared to be taken to court.
Posted By: AmandaSnyder

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 07:12 PM

As a breeder i have sold only one female as pet only and it was a good friend...Ive had tuns of people contact me wanting a female at pet only price and they say all i have a neutard can tell when someone is trying to get over on u..i ask the person hey i have a male that cn be neutared and they would do great together but they wanted a female so i knew what they were trying to do and i didnt sale to them...
Posted By: Lisha

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 08:16 PM

^^So true; HOWEVER, I would just like to add that I got my 2 females at "pet only" price & you can bet your sweet bananas they will never ever ever ever ever ever be bred! It is such a small, close community where everyone knows someone & eventually, the other party would find out, & you are going to look like a douche when that does happen, & would have 1 hell of a time trying to find someone to "buy" any illegitimately bred joeys.
Posted By: ColonyMama

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 08:55 PM

People are still so ignorant of sugar gliders especially the younger people trying to buy them just because they are cute. I am sure you could sell illegitimately bred joeys to them. I am surely not for it but I am just being realistic. And honestly some people just don't care about animals and rightful breeding. It is very common for people to think this way in Arkansas at least. What can I say? I am rare. dunno
Posted By: ValkyrieMome

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/19/12 11:30 PM

I have a pet-only contract.

If you PM me your email address, I'd be happy to send it to you to look over.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/20/12 01:19 AM

Originally Posted By: GliderNursery

As far as females go, many won't sell as pet only simply because there is no guarantee she won't be bred. If you choose to do so, then you need to seriously trust the individual getting your glider.

I 100% agree! I won't let just anyone adopt any of my babies, rescues or lineaged, unless I know without a doubt, that I can trust them.
Posted By: MamaBird

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/20/12 03:42 AM

I agree with Lisha!! I personally love this community and respect those within it. I wouldn't go back on a pet only contract, one, because that would be wrong, and two, I care about this community, both the gliders and the people in it.
I am currently hoping to add one or two gliders, and if the right ones for my family are girls, I'll hope the breeder offers a discounted price for not breeding, however, I'll understand if they don't.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/20/12 06:53 AM

The only female joeys I've let leave here, was on a "breed option" deal. For example, I sent home a female joey FREE as long as she was not bred. If they decided to breed her, then they owed me $500 (it was a mosaic with full lineage). They did decide to breed her and did pay me. Had she been housed with another female or neutered male and never had any joeys, she would have remained a gift. But this is someone very well known in the community and I trusted her. These days though, that type of trust does NOT come easy.
Posted By: Teresa56

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/20/12 11:58 AM

I bought 2 females as pet only from a local breeder. I made a colony with my male from PPP --they are a sweet little trio and will remain just that. When I got them I never dreamed that I would want to breed gliders. I have sense bought several more gliders and have a few cages of gliders that breed but my trio will not be separated and bred.
Posted By: PinkLady

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 06/22/12 07:24 AM

I offer pet-only for Scarlet, but it is based on whether it's someone with a good reputation from here, or someone local that I am able to check out in-person. Regardless, I require proof of neutering of any males currently owned, and for local adopters I want to do a home check first to verify the gliders they currently have (if any).
Posted By: FuzzyWonderland

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 07/01/12 06:10 PM

I am also curious about contracts. I cannot access the "glider nursery" page so I googled "sugar glider pet only contract" and got some good ones. I hope that is helpful and am going to try to get on glider nursery from my computer instead of my phone...
Posted By: AllisonNicole

Re: Pet-Only Contract? - 07/01/12 09:49 PM

I have a female and a male (brother and sister) and I got them for the pet only fee. The male is nuetered and I would never breed my female!
I think they kind of figure that most people already have the males I they just kind of trust you.
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