Rehome/adoption forms?

Posted By: Philwojo

Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 03:25 PM

I am not sure where to post this, so putting it in the "I'm New" section for now, but MODs, please move if necessary.

We are looking to adopt and rehome 2 female gliders (potentially) from a non-breeder. That persons situation is changing and they can no longer keep their gliders. My questions is should I have some kind of bill of sale or adoption/rehome form be part of this process? This person I found on CL.

At this time we still don't even know if we will get any sugar gliders, but just trying to do my leg work now.

Posted By: Sanctity

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 04:30 PM

Ive never done it, but at the same time we always text/email with them so I suppose if anything happened we have the conversation logs. Never really thought about this before.
Posted By: Philwojo

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 04:48 PM

I'm sure this person will be fine, and I won't have any issues, was more just wondering what people from this community are doing in this scenario.

Posted By: Terry

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 05:53 PM

I found my first pair on CL, I didn't have any written agreement and personally haven't heard of anyone using one. I know breeders and rescues have an application, but that's the extent I've heard of.

I also did use email for the majority of the conversation, so also had written documentation, although there was no need to refer to it.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 08:38 PM

If it makes you feel better get a handwritten bill of sale from the former owners.

I have a contract for my rescues, but then it states the terms of the adoption, can't be used for breeding, must come back to me if they can no longer have them........

A simple handwritten bill of sale will protect you if they decide in two weeks they want their gliders back.
Posted By: Philwojo

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 08:42 PM

Thanks everyone. I have to say I wasn't overly concerned, but I can tend to over think and over research things so it had come to mind and I thought I would ask.

I appreciate all the feedback.

Posted By: mechnut450

Re: Rehome/adoption forms? - 04/17/15 10:56 PM

sadly most og the Cl rescue/adopts I gotten it been like here the gliders, and they gone never heard from again to see how we making out,. I do try to send pics for at least 2 months but if I don't get replies i just erase their contact info and move on with my life.. I did get a copy of Feather's adoption papers but I not had to use them yet ( may never need to but I got the files in case I do lol, I rather be safe than sorry. )
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