Weekend guest arrangement Q

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Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 02:20 PM

The room Quincy is in is my computer/guest room and it's small. With my sister and her bf and their year old son coming to spend the weekend, I obviously can't keep Quincys cage in here...too crowded and I don't know how loud he'll be in the night w/ a baby, etc. We are most likely going to have to keep him in our bedroom. My problem husband insists on keeping our ceiling fan on high so its like a hurricane in the room, I don't have a cover for the cage (unless I use one of my fleece blankets) and we also get up at like 5:30 am so again...I dont know how loud he's going to be. Living room is definately out since we have dogs. Would it be alright if I keep his cage in our master bathroom? It's large and we can keep the door closed. I'm not sure how this is going to affect his behavior either. And I still plan on spending the same amount of time with him (my sister has several things to do here in town so they'll be gone almost all day Sat) Has anyone else had to do this before?
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 02:29 PM

I wouldn't think it would be a problem with putting his cage in the bathroom for a day or two.
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 02:33 PM

Does your bathroom have windows? how bright is it. can his cage be in there and y'all still have enough room to move around? I have kept my bird in the master bathroom before, but, it's huge and I just set the whole cage in my garden tub, which is to one side with the shower, toilet and sinks to the other side. My bathroom also has 2 large windows and it's own heating vent, so there is plenty of ventilation/light and it doesn't get cold.
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 03:07 PM windows but its a large bathroom for us to maneuver. The shower is separate from the corner tub that has a light over the I can keep that's a lower wattage bulb so we can keep that on if we have to make a "visit" in the dead of night lol and not worry about a harsh bright light in there.
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 03:20 PM

Sounds fine to me. I would try and not take a shower in that room or use any fragrance in there while keeping him there though... those little boogers tend to mark the WORLD with thier scent if they're in a bathroom where showers are taken. roflmao

I do suggest getting Quincy a little light for in there. They have these AMAZING night lights at walmart that make colors on the walls, they're LED lights and not only are they easy on glider's eyes, they're also beautiful so even after he's outta there, you'd probably still use it dunno That may be a purchase you'd want to make just so he can have a little light to see what's up. I have one my by girl's rept and they LOVE it. They're always hanging out by it. It makes this cool little northern lights look on the wall.

...okay, so maybe I just like the light. dunno
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 03:32 PM

If you have extra sheets, you can use those to cover his cage. That's what I'm using for my 2 cages until I get my new cage covers, LOL! I use binder clips to attach the sheets to the cage.
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 04:41 PM

Well luckily his cage and stand are light so I can always put the cage in our room in the morning for our shower time.

Thanks everyone for your replies...I just hope, like I said above, that this doesn't flip him out too much, being in a different spot for 2 days.
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 04:44 PM

I wouldn't worry too much. Mine actually LIKE to move sometimes. Sometimes they'll get really crazy and bark, and I'll offer mealies, but they'll have nothing to do with it... all I can do to calm them is to put the cage by a large window so they can see outside. dunno You never know, Q may like the change of pace grin
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/07/08 05:15 PM

yes, it would be ok, just put a night the bathroom..he should be ok!!
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Re: Weekend guest arrangement Q - 03/08/08 06:14 AM

Well my husband moved the cage while we did tent time...when I put him back in the cage I put one of the fleece blankets I use on the tent floor over the back of the cage and he is running all over the place! I am worried he's stressing, but am also hoping he'll calm down. I offered him a cheerio and it took him a few minutes to actually take it from I took that as a good sign. (He loves those cheerios!) Im keeping the closet light on with the door cracked, so there is some light, but its' not super bright. Enough for me to see him but not a lot of light to bother him. Im going to check on him now and offer another cheerio...a little bribery on my part...

Thanks everyone for your replies!!
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