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Glider Insurance - 04/29/08 08:42 PM

When I get my puppy she comes with pet insurance and I was searching the web wondering if I could get pet insurance for my gliders and YOU CAN! I'm probably not the first one to realize this but I just found it interesting. For a glider under 1 year old I think it is only $12 dollars a month and you get a certain allowance for SM and other common things, with like a 50 dollar deductible.

I just thought it was really interesting, and I might just get it. The one I found is through (how generic).
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Re: Glider Insurance - 04/29/08 09:12 PM

Thanks for the tip thumb
I didn't know that! thanks
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Re: Glider Insurance - 04/29/08 11:50 PM

just checked it out! its really cheap too!! i got a qoute for Thor and it said that he will only be about $12 a month! talk about cool!! thanks for the tip!
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:28 AM

Is this worth it?

I saw it covered 4 items for $12 per month:
Avian Medical Problem Benefit Allowance
Self-mutilation behavior $285.00
Egg binding surgical $465.00
Aspergillosis (fungal respiratory infection) $400.00
Neoplasia surgical $460.00

Does it cover any more than that?
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:37 AM

I have insurance for my dog through Banfield, but didn't know there was Suggie insurance! I got a quote of $12.00, and the 4 items above are listed as examples of what it will cover. It says that it covers "thousands" of conditions. It is avian insurance as well...I don't see a suggie having an egg binding problem LOL. I wonder if it covers neutering? Anyone know?
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:44 AM

Kewl! - I will have to look into this as I have 4 gliders and they say I get each one insured for $10 a month.
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:46 AM

The egg binding would be
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:50 AM

VPI Superior
Plan + WellCare Premier lists spay as a covered surgery
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 03:50 AM

Originally Posted By: Sabrina
I wonder if it covers neutering? Anyone know?

Probably NOT - as it says it does not cover elective or cosmetic surgeries (listed under: Other excluded conditions)..... and I could not find it listed any where else.

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OK - they say neutering can be covered IF you purchase a higher plan.

Not Covered
Routine examinations, vaccines, teeth cleaning and spay/neuter, unless the optional Pet Wellcare Protection Coverage is purchased.

Posted By: Allidal

Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 05:40 AM

What a find! I think I may get this if it covers the real expensive things in the $500+ range. I may have to call them.
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 05:58 AM

Allidal let me know what u get cause I have 3 i'd love to have covered, but right now so far they have been in for nail trims and check ups and it has only cost me about $20.00 a visit. I take mine in once every 3 to 4 months unless babies arrive from Sassy then we go in more often.

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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 06:04 AM

ugh as awesome and amazing as this sounds, I have to worry about affording car and health insurance first -.-
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 06:05 AM

I think I might get that for my breeding pair since unneutered and breeding females are prone to more problems(clogged milk glands, inflamed pouches, dry penis, etc...). Of course, I'm still going to be setting aside money each month because even with insurance, you still have to pay a pretty penny. :\
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 10:21 PM

How much more is the extra insurance that covers neuters and stuff? I cant seem to find it.
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 10:50 PM

I would think you have to contact them about that.. That way they can reel ya in lol
If you find out though let me know it may be worth it if they do not make you wait to long to use the neuter option.
I did find out though that the pet has to be in your possession for I think it was 60 days.
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 11:06 PM

Im gonna call them tomorrow and see what the deal is with all that. I will let you know. I would like to know specifically what I can get with the insurance and what it will cover, cant let anything happen to my babies but I rather not throw my money away.

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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/01/08 11:10 PM

I have that insurance for Gizmo and it has definitely come in handy...for a normal Wellness Exam, which ran me $90 last time (I make them do lots of tests to be thorough), they reimbursed me $40 of it, so not too bad. I've had it for him for 2 years now and when we had an emergency and had to go go a specialist, they again covered whatever was over $50.
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Re: Glider Insurance - 05/06/08 04:54 AM

I'm going to call, also. Once I do I'll post on here any information I can acquire.
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