Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch?

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Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/15/08 08:12 PM

Hey all,

New and my wife and I are interested in getting ourselves a pair of sugar gliders. Saw Pocket Pets at the mall in Memphis over the weekend, and she remarked that she's wanted one for a while now.

Now, being an avid animal person, I kinda figured Pocket Pets wasn't really on the up and up if they had a "mall show" going. Doing the research, I found out I was right. I have found a breeder here locally (well, okay, by locally I mean about a 45 minute drive), but haven't been able to find much info on them on the net.

Checking up on them, they've got a USDA license (checked the list on the USDA website, and they're on there), so at least that's done. The only thing I've been able to find from other glider owners was one mention on another answers forum (like Yahoo Answers or something) from someone in Arkansas that said they got theirs from them and would do so again.

Anyone got info on them? Before we drop cash on gliders, I want to check out their facilities and try to get some input from other people that have at least heard of them.


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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/15/08 08:22 PM

THANK YOU for doing your research before purchasing. And, WELCOME to GC.

I believe that MRR is Bobby M's outfit. Not sure if he is the one who runs it, but Mississippi Rebel Ranch is for sure another mill breeder - I know of a few rescuers who have been working against them for YEARS. PLEASE do not purchase from them.

If you want to purchase from a reputable breeder, please check out the classified section here. Most breeders are happy to ship to you. If you would consider adopting some rescues, I will happily put you in touch with some reputable rescue homes in your area or talk with you about adopting to you myself.

Please stick around here and continue your research. You are off to a good start!
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/15/08 08:31 PM

I would definitely do more research on this company looking at the website.When you look at wholesaler it looks like they may sell in bulk .Which is just like a mill.Im not sure but someone may feel differently but I would look more for a indivual breeder.Than a company like them.
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/15/08 11:28 PM

I am a rescue here in the Memphis area. I have been taking in rescues from people that Bobby has sold to at the Memphis Flea Market or the Tupelo Flea Market. He is no good. He has gliders in a small cage that us that have gliders would only use as a hospital cage. These cages have pelxiglass around them and plastic clear containers the size of a large coffee container in each cage. Also those small cages are made smaller by a piece of plexiglass down the middle of the cage making ir 2 cages. So in each cage there is 2 clear containers,in those containers there are about 30 to 50 little under age joeys that are so orange they look dyed.

I also applaud you doing research. If you have any questions or are intrested in a rescue please feel free to contact me.
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 01:10 AM

The only thing we're concerned with on the rescues is the bonding. How difficult is it to bond with a sugar glider after they've more or less been rejected by another owner?

We're all for rescues, actually. My dog, cat and snake are all rescues. Heck, if they had tarantula rescues, I'd have gotten her from one of those. smile Before anyone asks, the gliders would NOT be around any of the other pets unsupervised, and the snake is snug in his own 55 gallon tank.

Edit: I previously had "car" instead of "cat." My wife did point out that TECHNICALLY that would be correct since we bought the car used.
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 01:21 AM

You would be surprised what rescues are really like. That's not to say that some don't require work, but I work very hard with mine and most of them are hand tame and ready to bond when they leave here.
ANY glider can bond with you - some just take longer than others.

For objective input on adopting from a rescue home, you might PM Trigger or Usha77 and ask about their recent rescue adoptions. Sandbat and MagicMan are both in the process of adopting and could tell you a bit about the process. There are many others who have adopted from a rescue home - I'm sure they would not mind sharing their experiences with you.
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 01:58 AM

As for rescues and bonding, it depends on the rescue.

One of my gliders is a rehome and another one a quazi-rescue, both adopted as adults. They are both actually just as sweet as my two I adopted as joeys. In fact, the two I adopted as adults are much nicer than my glider Kirby who I purchased from a breeder when he was a baby! Something about him is just mean and ornery, lol! roflmao so don't shy away from the rescues, there are a lot of sweet gliders out there needing homes!

Best of luck to you thumb
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 02:27 AM

Honestly, we'd PREFER rescues. Like most animals, there's already way too many out there that are in need of homes.

We were out looking at the standard pet places today for a suitable habitat in which to put a couple of them, but it's tough to find one big enough at places like PetCO and PetSmart. Sadly, Memphis tends to be lacking in the pet supply department.
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 03:17 AM

Both of my girls are rescues. Bella is such a sweety, but Donna is still a MAJOR work in progress after almost 4 months. But even if you got a joey, you wouldn't get any gaurantee that the bonding process would go any better. I applaud your past adoptions, and your openness to adopting rescued gliders!!! You are AWESOME!!!!
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/16/08 11:18 AM

Welcome Steve. As others said - thank you for doing your research. Both of my gliders were purchased from people who frequent this board - do not be afraid to purchase from the classified section, there are wonderful people here. I don't know about rescues - it might be hard when you've never had suggies before to take in rescues.

As far as cages - most of us purchase from ebay. jmexotics or excel products on ebay make great cages for suggies. The bigger the better.

Good luck
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/18/08 01:20 AM

my experience with the Mississippi Rebel Ranch, i was at the fairgrounds in Memphis when he was there, the gliders he had were lethargic and appeared to be drugged. He didn't like me holding one and the poor thing couldn't hold it's head up by itself. He had it on a leash wound tight around his hand, poor babies
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/23/08 05:26 AM

Well, we were driving down to my wife's parents house to do their half of Xmas today, and we could see the place from the highway. Basically, if we HAD decided to visit, we would have pulled up, looked at it, and turned around to drive away. Basically, it looks like the house the people that run it live in, and a trailer out to the side that says "Sugar Gliders" with a phone number.

We'll be getting our gliders from a local rescue, and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Now, I'm off to order that 55" tall Exel cage I just found on eBay. smile
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Re: Info on Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch? - 12/23/08 06:27 AM

So smart to research first, & saved yourself a lot of vet bills too.
I think you will have much better bonding success, with a rescue, than one that has NEVER had a humans hands on it before.
When you get them, just stay on here for all the bonding help & tips, anyone could use. This place is a Hugh Human Glider Encyclopedia. And everyone loves to help.

Then go to the Mill Breeding Project (, to see the bullet you just dodged!

Now you are obligated to post pics & stories of your babies when they get settled in.
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