Another poem

Posted By: chattrbabe

Another poem - 03/27/09 02:28 PM

I wrote this just a few minutes ago. It's not done yet. I wanted to share before I take off to the vet. The inspiration is all of these new babies needing homes sooo bad! This new baby was the kicker.

I'm a rescue

I'm small, it's dark, I'm hungry and weak
I live in this box
I've been in here for weeks

I'm dirty and smelly
I'm tired and sad
I want food in my belly
So I won't feel bad

I just want to be loved
Where did my mom go?
I'm here in this shoebox
I'm scared and alone

If I make any noise
I don't hear any back
Can I have some toys?
Am I on a rack?

I tried to bite through
My new shoebox home
The walls are too straight
Why am I alone?

I'm sad, and I'm losing more weight everyday...
I just want my mom to hold me
Like she did in the good days

She left me here on a wire shelf
No one can hear my cries for help
I just want her hold feed and love me
Like she did before...

I'm bored, I'm alone and there's nothing to do
I'm hungry I'm tired so I pull out my hair
I think i hear something
Is somebody there?

I'm so tired now, I can't move or speak
I just want water and something to eat
I can't move I can't cry, I'm too weak

I hear a noise, I crab
My house is moving
My mom has come back
I don't want her though
She left me in that shoebox
Cold and alone

The top of my house is moving now
I'm scared, though weak, I try to flee
I see light and I hear some sounds...
Who's that looking in on me?

She's not my mom, but she seems nice
I want to greet her, I'm cold as ice
I can hardly move, but I can crab
She smiles at me and asks "why are you mad?"
Doesn't she know that I feel really bad?

She gives me water
Then some treats to eat
she tells me I'll get better
As she rubs my feet

She crushes my shoebox home
And shows me a place with toys and a bed
She says I'll never be alone
As she pets my balding head

She tells me stuff like "you'll get better"
Is she my home? From now until forever?

She tells me I'm sweet, and she pets me again
She talks about all of the times that we'll share
There's food in my tummy, I think she's my friend
It's just nice to know, that someone still cared....
Posted By: GliderGrrrL

Re: Another poem - 03/27/09 03:14 PM

That poem is so touching. I cried reading it.
Posted By: minkasmom

Re: Another poem - 03/27/09 03:36 PM

OMG, I'm already sad today (my "baby boy" has to fly back to Colorado Springs at o-dark-thirty on Sunday morning)...this just makes me BAWL!!!!

Putting it another way: it's very touching & obviously written from your heart! Thanks for sharing it with us!! hug2
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Another poem - 03/27/09 04:47 PM

OMG that is so sad, I was already feeling blue today.

I just don't understand how people can be so cruel
Posted By: chattrbabe

Re: Another poem - 03/28/09 06:09 AM

Thanks for the compliments. hug2 I'm off to give this baby some BML and then I'm off to bed.
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