shipping in heat of summer

Posted By: anjill_tree

shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 12:34 PM

I wanted some input please. I have purchased a glider in another state. At SGGA the baby will be 6 weeks OOP, and will be coming to event so I can play with him.
I have paid for shipping already, but, I am now afraid to have him shipped due to heat of summer.
Would it be safer to get him at SGGA and take home or risk the shipping.
My thoughts were, take him home, even though it goes against my better judgement.
I want to keep him safe and healthy, thats the main concern.
Posted By: MelindaKay

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 12:40 PM

Will the breeder let him/her go at 6 weeks? I know I wouldn't. Mine stay with me to at least 8 weeks or longer if there weight is low. But if they are a good weight and out eating on their own might be ok.

How far is the drive if you don't get him at the SGGA? Continential is "supposed" to be climate controled on animals at all times but I have heard horror stories when I used to ship chinchillas about them sitting in the heat. If you could get a very early flight out and not in the afteronoon would be better to.

Another option is to try to set up a Railroad...maybe someone will be travleing at the right times to get him closer>
Posted By: anjill_tree

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 12:45 PM

Coming from Ohio. I think it is possibly the wait to get to the plane. Setting in heat before getting to plane. A disaster occured for someone else shipping, so now I am very fearful about shipping in summer.
I PM'd breeder and told her I was post , to get input. It's all about the glider right now. Keeping him healthy.
Posted By: MelindaKay

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 12:51 PM

I agree. I hate the stress of shipping! I know out here at DFW (I shipped many chinchillas years ago) they keep them in the office and transport them directly to the plane in an A/C van but who knows what happens on the other end or if they have to switch planes!!

OT: I've only had a couple shipped to me with no airline horror stories BUT I did open the crate in the car once and had a glider spend 3 days in the dash of my car before I could get about tear my car apart!! Oh and it was a little hot so had to leave the car running with the A/C going sitting in the car all night about stress smile I did finally catch her and she was fine -- acted like no big deal.

Posted By: Srlb

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 01:29 PM

Airlines wont ship if it is going to be too hot.

I was going to ship a pair of gliders from here to Reno and because the layover was in Dallas and it was going to be over 85 degrees they would not ship them. Instead, I am having them taken up to Dallas and Melinda is going to ship them out for me so there are no layovers.

If you can find a direct flight from Ohio to the airport you will be picking up at, I dont think you will have to worry as long as you have them shipped first thing in the morning.

I personally would ship at a later date if needed then to get them at 6 weeks OOP. That is just really taking a chance, that really isnt worth it.

Good Luck.
Posted By: Feather

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 04:30 PM

Is it possible that they could ship him in the evening so that he arrives by morning that way you are getting him before the heat of the day sets in.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 04:33 PM

Feather, the way you worded that it sounds like he would be laid over for the night. That is something you DONT want to do with a glider. Could you imagine one being in a crate over night?
Posted By: anjill_tree

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 04:35 PM

I was told going out of Dallas isn't bad. It is going out of Texas, that the problem occurred, so I do feel better about shipping. Thanks Everyone.
Posted By: gliderboy4life

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 05:21 PM

Hey Cathy,

I would just have the glider shipped later in the evening to where he arrives once it is cooler in the evening.
Posted By: Guerita135

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 05:32 PM

I'm the said breeder and, no, I wouldn't even dream about sending a joey home at 6 weeks, so don't worry ya'll, lol. wink

Tyler, that's a good idea, I wouldn't have ever thought to ship so he arrives in the evening. tounge I've only ever heard of people shipping in the morning. He'll be getting shipped from MI, so it should be alot cooler up here. The problem would occur when he gets down to TX. However, I think if I take your advice and ship later in the evening then that would work well. wink My gliders don't get up til late(about 10pm at the earliest) so he probably won't even be up by the time he gets there, even if it's later.
Posted By: hwh4ev

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/12/09 10:10 PM

hi everybody,
this is what happened to t and me. t shipped at abt. 5:00
in morning from wy to detroit metro airport, with a change
of planes at some point before landing in detroit at 3:15p.m. detroit weather was supposed to be around 74 degrees that day, it was 82.
well my husband and me went to the cargo area at 2:30 and
was told lakota(my baby) would be in abt. 4:15. so we
went and killed some time, got back to cargo at 4:00 waiting
and waiting at 4:45 we wanted to know what was going on-
oh they were running late, lakota should be there soon.
around 5:00 i was told they couldn't find him, everything
was taken off of the plane, no lakota, i am panicking,
hyper ventalating, worried sick, it is very hot, and they
dont know where my baby is.
i called t and told her and as she was getting upset (i was already hysterical)together, my husband runs out and tells me they found him.
i went and checked him immediately and he was sleeping
like a bug in the rug, like nothing going on.
i am lucky it turned out well. but what was going on was
crazy, them blameing the other guy and me threating them
that they better find him, etc. what kaos and my little
lakota sleeping thru the whole thing.
now i can laugh abt. it.

metro airport doesn't ship out animals if it is 85 degrees

Posted By: anjill_tree

Re: shipping in heat of summer - 07/13/09 11:57 AM

That is good too, I picked my other one up in Dallas at 8pm, from Missouri. I like that idea. Thanks guys. ya'll rock. And I like that I can ask pretty much anything, get some thoughts, ( even the brutal ones )then, come to me own conclusion. I have about 9 gliders coming to me in next 2 months, thankfully only one needs shipped. The temps here are at 100 or close to it. Agian GC ROCKS!!!!
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