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Posted By: CharmedSuggies

SG Beginner List - 07/14/09 01:33 PM

I just thought of a good idea for the TGI booth. I want to put together a list of 'Waht you need and should buy BEFORE buying a sugar glider'.

I'd like to make a list so that potential owners can do more research along with the info we have about gliders & TGI. This way, should they decide to get a glider, they will be prepared before buying one. Everyone I talk to who is interested, I refer here to GC for more research and learning.

So, I would like to ask for some help in ideas for this list for beginners. I know what to include, I just don't want to forget anything. thanks

If you can also add some links to your suggestions, that would be GREAT!!
Posted By: Sabarika

Re: SG Beginner List - 07/15/09 12:12 AM

2 cages - one travel/quarantine, one regular.
A diet plan, and food! Make sure it's prepared when they come home.
Emergency kit! I wish I had one of these, and I intend on making one BEFORE I adopt. An e-collar should be in this, 1 per glider and at least 1 extra.
VETS! Local exotics vets AND emergency vets. CALL THEM FIRST and ask if they deal with gliders!
Safe toys and pouches. laugh
Hmm..I know there is more, but I'm having a brainfart. tounge
Posted By: TheGliderPlayroom

Re: SG Beginner List - 07/15/09 12:26 AM

Treats and licky treats
water bottle
a good, safe bonding pouch or three (lol)
a safe wheel or two
nail clippers if they aren't already in the e-kit
food bowls, maybe a glider kitchen
cage cover is always a good idea
tent or place set up for playtime
extra toys and pouches for rotating
Posted By: gliderma

Re: SG Beginner List - 07/15/09 01:18 AM

Bonding pouch hanging by each cage in case of emergency as well as an emergency kit. I always have baby foods like chicken, apples & chicken, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce and dried fruits for an emergency like a power outage, storm evacuation or I got busy & forgot to make HPW! I hate when that happens! lol
Posted By: CharmedSuggies

Re: SG Beginner List - 07/15/09 12:41 PM

Sabarika, TGI has a great ER kit, 2 different ones and a travel one for sale.


Thanks for all the great tips, that helps!
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: SG Beginner List - 07/15/09 06:36 PM

Melissa - I just sent you a PM about this!
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