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Sugar Glider Help - 08/01/14 08:30 PM

Sugar Glider Help is an online database that currently features over 1,100 links for Veterinarians, Vendors, Breeders, Rescues, Health Care, and Educational Organizations. If you are looking for something glider-related, this is the place to find them!

This site was developed for glider owners to provide their input as well. If you have experience with someone on the database, please rate them and leave a review of your experience. The rating system is from 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. If you know of someone that is not listed, please contact them and have them visit the site. They may want to add their business.

This is an on-going process with links, ratings, and reviews being added daily. So, if you are looking for glider-related information, please stop by and check it out!

Sugar Glider Help is owned and operated by GliderCENTRAL. If you have any questions regarding the database, please contact Shelly/GliderNursery for assistance.
Posted By: Cora

Re: Sugar Glider Help - 08/02/14 03:22 PM

Thank You Shelly, I hope more folks will update info and add new vets, breeders, rescues, etc
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