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Posted By: KarenE

New Forum-Articles & Blogs - 03/14/17 10:18 PM

We have opened a new Forum titled Articles & Blogs which you will find in the Good of the Glider Section of the Board.

This forum is where Articles will be stored as well as a place for Blog posts to be shared. Special access will be required to post, however, these Articles and Blogs may be referenced and linked in other posts.

Articles and Blogs in this forum will be able to be easily updated by the original poster should they need to be, especially in the case of the Blogs.

This forum will be in addition to the Articles which can be found in the Left Column of the Page, and we hope will be more easily accessible.

Should you wish to submit an Article or Special Interest Blog, please contact KarenE, Feather or Philwojo.

Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: New Forum-Articles & Blogs - 03/20/17 11:57 PM

Well isn't that a cool idea! :yes: smile
Posted By: KarenE

Re: New Forum-Articles & Blogs - 03/21/17 01:02 AM

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