Sugar gliders in a hurricane?

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Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/06/17 09:02 PM

Should I separate my gliders in a hurricane? They get along well but, from time to time they crab at each other. I plan to put them in a zipper up travel pouch and keep them with me. The last storm I was in felt like a horrible airplane ride, the pressure was painful. I can't imagine those babies being very happy. Maybe they will blame each other and fight. Is there a better plan? Should I put them in 2 different pouches? I may need to move them fast so, I'm not sure even my little cage will work. My safe room is a half bathroom. I'll put 6 people, 2 dogs, a cat and a tortoise in there. A cage will not fit. Maybe nothing will happen and I'm worried for nothing but, would appreciate input.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/06/17 11:18 PM

I would not plan on nothing happening at this point and planning for the worst.

Your safe place is definitely not going to accommodate everyone including all your animals.

You are more than likely going to have to make some hard decisions in the next few days. I cannot tell you how sad I am you and many others may have to do this.

You cannot keep your gliders on you with no safe place to put them should this hurricane hit Miami head on. They will need an enclosure plus you will need to prepare to have some food/water for them after the hurricane passes as you will for humans and other pets, if possible.

I would start stock piling now while you water is still good rather than buying. I would imagine supplies at your stores is already getting low from what I am seeing on television.

Hope this helps with your question, and I also pray for our safety.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/06/17 11:50 PM

Hey, praying for you guys!!!

Since we travel all over in a 5th wheel with our gliders, I keep a emergency/ evacuation bag for my two. It consists of a

pop up dog kennel,
2 bottled water,
large pieces of fleece,
their nail clipper set,
a medical kit and ecollar,
spare dishes,
Happy Glider kibble, and
Critter Love complete in its powder form,
a small lidded bowl to mix it in.

There is enough for 5 days.

We live near Joplin, MO and spent a couple of years in tornado alley while working. We have had to evacuate to a storm shelter several times. I hope this helps.

Please keep us posted if you can and be safe...
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 12:16 AM

I worry that if they get uncomfortable,they will hurt each other.

I do have food, water, temporary housing for everyone if needed. Generators, and gas to power them and the refrigerators if the house is still standing.

Some of you ship gliders in airplanes. How do you do it if there are 2?
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 12:54 AM

Here is a post about shipping gliders: shipping gliders.

When you ship two they both go into the inner container.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 01:03 AM

I am going to move this to Board Help & Announcements. I apologize for not doing this for Harvey. We also have another hurricane forming right behind Irma frown
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 01:19 AM

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys in Fl, as they were with Texas last week, and still.

I'm gonna have to ask a honest question though, because I don't quite get the connection and I'm curious. Why are you asking about shipping? I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand the reason behind shipping them at this time.

I have to agree with Karen, and Dawn. Have an emergency/evac kit handy to grab and run. Try to be prepared if you have to evacuate so everyone can make it safely and you have needed provisions. I also recommend trying to find alternate "safe" places, even if it means staying with other family and/or friends that are in a safer area, are able and willing to help "hold safe" you, and your loved ones, even if evac is not mandatory, but it could provide better safety conditions.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 01:42 AM

I was here in 1992 when hurricane Andrew came through. The closest way thatI could describe the experience was like an airplane. It was loud, my ears popped and it was really uncomfortable. It may not feel like that to the gliders but, it's all I have to go on.

I asked how they packed them, to get an idea on how I can make them as comfortable as possible and, wheather or not they would hurt each other in those circumstances. If they separated gliders that are usually together..

I actually do have a cat carrier. I'll put the gliders in that .
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 02:09 AM

Mine have had squabbles recently. But when the weather changes, they cuddle together so tight.

We are in a 5th wheel in a campground near Jackson, MS. Since June. We have had thunderstorms due to the high humidity at least once a week since we have been here.

I feel separating them would stress them in times like these. They need each other for comfort. I sing lullabies to mine when the thunder is really loud. It calms me as well. My gliders close their ears real tight when things get loud.

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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/07/17 03:21 AM

Melanie, when gliders are shipped they are in a pressurized compartment of the airplane so it is nothing like what you described in a hurricane with the pressure. This is going to be something you cannot control no matter how prepared you are.

Just do the very best you can.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/09/17 08:30 AM

I'm in Orlando and so not in direct harms way but still was worried. I put together an evac bag, which has food and water, clippers, straws and toy stuff for them, zip ties, etc. I did this for my 3 animals. This way if we need to go we can. They have a carrier which they may be in for a day if we had to go but I don't plan on having to head out. I only say here, I would suggest having things ready, and maybe second of it in the bathroom you mentioned in case things get Wiley. This way you won't worry or forget things.
I'll be thinking of you as we go through this, although you seem more in the path than me from the commments. As long as you are prepared it'll take some stress away and your gliders will adapt for a small time. It's not ideal but even on trips to the vet if I put my hand into the bag they fall silent because it's OK if daddy is there.

Best luck and wishes, please update us when you can after the storm has passed?

Alan L
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/09/17 04:23 PM

I'm located in NWF and my guy has just started barking all night long and is super active while we're at work. It's been almost impossible to keep him in a pocket, hoodie and even my shirt (bra baby). The only thing that seems to comfort him have been yogies LOL. Hopefully come Monday he'll be doing better.
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/10/17 04:09 AM

Prayers to you all and be safe!!!

Please check in and let us know you are OK...
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Re: Sugar gliders in a hurricane? - 09/10/17 03:03 PM

Hey everyone, check in and let us know you are safe!
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