Stages of gliders pregnancy

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Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 04:59 AM

Does anyone have photos of what a gliders pregnancy stages are. My glider is pregnant and im not sure how far along she is she has a good size bulge in her tummy about the size of a peanut. So i was wondering about how much longer it should be before I see a baby, If someone has a link to photos or info please post for me. Thanks <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 05:11 AM

The second post from the top in the "Breeding & Babies" forum is really good.
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Re: Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 05:20 AM

a peanut that is shelled or has the shell left on? If shelled then best guess would be 2-4 weeks but since you said good size buldge I would guess around 6-7 weeks. Once you start seeing baby parts hanging out you only have a few days to a week left. Congrats.
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Re: Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 05:32 AM

Wish I could figure out how far along my baby girl is *sigh* She keeps stuffing them to the back where I cant even tell she has babies ip, then the next night shell have 2 I'm clueless lol
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Re: Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 05:43 AM

When they get a little bit bigger it will be harder for her to stuff them so far back. So then you can get a beter feel for how far along she is. You can also lightly rub her belly (if she will let you) and get a feel for how big the bumps are and then ask us. We can't pin point exactally how far along she is but we can at least give you a guess!
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Re: Stages of gliders pregnancy - 07/28/06 02:23 PM

okay looking at the link and hearing everyones responses I would say she looks like the five week picture. I am afraid to really check it out as I do not want to strees her or the baby out I thought she had two of them a week or so ago but it apears the her pouch only has one lump the shape of a peanut with a shell on. And when shse has them how long do i wait until i can hold them so they are used to humans? I just got my two gliders back in May of this year and the boy which is named papoose is crazy he loves to climb all over anybody, The girl named remi however used to crab at me all the time for about a good month until she knew that i would never hurt her because i bring the food!! So I am hoping because she lets me hold her that she knows I would not hurt her baby because I want to hold him or her when the come out. Okay im done talking know I feeel like we are the glider family LOL
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