weight concern on over cooked twins

Posted By: tbull

weight concern on over cooked twins - 09/08/09 10:47 PM

I finally got both of Mist's twins off momma for some pictures and weights. If I get one out the other gets back to mom's pouch before I can get her, ect.

I'm alittle concerned. The twins are now 2 days OOP, their eyes are already opening and they are VERY squirmy and seem healthy. But on the day they came OOP their weights were 20g and 21g, now today I got 20g and 15g!
Is it possible for one to lose 5 to 6 grams in 2 days? I have checked them several times and their tummies are always full, they are always nursing, and mom never does the shimmy shakey dance to get them off. So I don't think they are hurting her nursing.
I have everything to suppliment, but it seems wrong to try to suppliment when their tummys are already full of mom's milk.
Mom is also getting a daily afternoon yogurt snack while nursing.

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Posted By: Laurens_Babies

Re: weight concern on over cooked twins - 09/08/09 11:00 PM

T there are several options:
Baby being rejected, your scale was/is broken during one of the weights, or it could just be a freak thing.. For a joey to loose a forth of its body weight in 2 days is hard for me to believe but you would need to talk to someone a lil more experienced than I
Posted By: tbull

Re: weight concern on over cooked twins - 09/08/09 11:06 PM

Those are the same things I thought of. I checked them from head to tail for any scratches, none. Both have huge milk tummies everytime I check them, so I am hoping it is a broken scale. I'll see if I can get to town later to get another and double check it.
Posted By: tacasper

Re: weight concern on over cooked twins - 09/09/09 12:45 AM

On a side note Holy [censored]! Two days oop and their eyes are open? They are huge too, how did she fit them in her pouch?

I think that loosing that much weight in a day is almost impossible. That is 6 grams, which is 25% body weight. Are they acting normal? Did you try the "tent test" on them to see how hydrated they were? From the pics it looks like they are very active, which is good. Just keep on weighing them every day and see if there is any changes. I'd watch the little one closely. It might not get enough milk and you might have to suppliment if it's that much smaller than the other one.
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: weight concern on over cooked twins - 09/09/09 09:56 AM

T - it's highly unlikely that the joey would lose that much weight in such a short time. However, if the joey was very active while using the scale and got off to the edge of the weighing platform, you could get a misreading.
IF it turns out that the reading was accurate, then you should immediately start supplement feeding the joey even though its tummy appears full. Hopefully you won't have to do that though.
They both look very healthy & active. Congrats mlove
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