Single joey - cold?

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Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 12:22 AM

Hello everyone.

Just had my first baby girl come OOP... Velcro & Skittles the proud parents. This is my first joey that is a single. I set up a space heater in their little room... noticed that the parents were out playing around last night & realized the joey might get a little bit cold.

The room is a very good temperature now. Do I have anything else to worry about? I know joeys can't regulate their own heat. So far, so good, mom & dad went back into the pouch sometime between 3 & 5am (I checked at those hours).

My other pair will alternate so that one parent is always in the pouch with the babies... at least until they get a bit older.

Any suggestions would be nice. Their room is small, like a very large walk-in closet, so it didn't take long for the space heater (set on low) to warm it up. I made sure nothing was within several feet of the heater so nothing catches on fire. It also rotates, so the heat is not concentrated on one spot.

Of course, I check them VERY often smile
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Re: Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 01:19 AM

Keep an eye on that baby and be ready to pull and hand feed if necessary. If you touch for the joey...they should return to the pouch...if the joey cries and mom and dad do not return to the could have problems. they do not know how to be a mom and dad you may have to encourage them and watch over the little one pretty close.

If you have any doubts about them caring for to pull and hand-feed...but just keep checking the joey, the temp, look to see if they have a full belly, and make sure mom and dad are in there most of the time.

Good luck.
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Re: Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 01:35 AM

I think this is dad's first, but momma has definitely had little ones before. I'll just keep checking on the hour to make sure Button isn't too cold. Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 02:06 AM

Well...just keep an eye out...with mom and dad being out at the same is cause for concern...most will rotate like your others do. Dad should be in there to babysit when mom is should be spending A LOT of time with her joey though...both out together for extended amounts of time is just a little flag to watch carefully... that is all.
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Re: Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 03:21 AM

It's normal for parents to leave the joey for a few minutes at a time but they shouldn't be doing this for any length of time. Use your judgment, it's always best for the parents to raise the baby so I would leave them be as long as possible. You may want to check however, and see if the joey is warm and full, and perhaps offer some supplement if needed.
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Re: Single joey - cold? - 11/05/07 03:49 AM

I agree with what was said above. Listen for a crying joey, and mom and dad being gone extended periods of time. In my pairs I have noticed that both will come out but for 10 minutes or less before wome one is back into check. I would be hesitant to pull a joey inless their are for sure sign of rejection. It's always best for the parents to raise them first if possible. Since this is not mom's first time she should be pretty good, but as stated above their are those signs to look and listen for. Hand raising a joey is alot of work, I just would not jump the gun inless you really felt the joey was in danger of rejection. I would have the supplement supplies on hand should you happen to need it late at nite. It's good for all breeding gliders slaves to have on hand in case of this situation. I wish you the best of luck with Button's! Congrats!
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