Joey rejection kits

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Joey rejection kits - 11/05/07 11:51 PM

I need to know who sells the joey rejection kits? How much are they? How complicated is it to feed a rejected joey? I have fed rejected animals before but, except for baby cockatiels, never any animal so small! I don't have a rejected joey right now but may have in the near future! Thanks!
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/06/07 12:01 AM

I don't know about the kits, but this website has the info on what you need and how to do it:
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/06/07 01:41 AM

I also sell the rejected joey kits on my site. I will be selling the items separately too just as soon as I get them listed.

Anita heart
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/06/07 02:39 AM

The link that ltlrdangel posted is the one I was going to send you, Wanda. Suz's site has some great info on hand raising joeys.
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/06/07 02:46 AM

Hand feeding a joey is alot of work! It's time consuming since little ones need to eat often be kept warm, and made to defacte at a young age. Depending on what age the joey is at upon rejection it could be more or slightly less work.

I think any one expecting joeys should have rejection supplies on hand thumb
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/06/07 12:01 PM

For an actual kit, I would recommend Anita's site (her link is in her siggy). For some of the individual items, you can go to my site. For information about rejected joeys, my link has already been posted thumb
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Re: Joey rejection kits - 11/08/07 05:25 AM

I just had to pull 2 joeys due to issues with mom. It is a lot of work but well worth it. You do have to wake up every 1-2 hours when they are about a week to 2 weeks OOP and then 2-3 hours and so on and yes even at night grin I bought my feeding supplies from Suz and she sent me feeding instructions and a list of all supplies needed to raise a rejected joey. I agree with the others that it is better to get all the supplies needed for a rejected joey just in case. grin
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