Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting

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Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting - 01/26/08 12:24 PM

I have two suggies (Kiara and Kovu) who were oop on 12-18-07...making them around 5 weeks oop. Their mom is not a first time mom, and had no problems with her last joeys. This morning, however, I took the babies out to take new pictures and noticed that both felt cold to the touch. Kiara latched onto my finger and would NOT let go. They both also appearing to be tenting a bit, although it's hard to tell for sure. I currently have them both in my bra, where Kiara is trying to groom me and Kovu is willing around to get comfy. Lol!

So, where do I go from here? Should I supplement them after they're warmed up and before I put them back? Are they old enough for a bit of HPW? What about yogurt? Chicken baby food?

I've handraised a suggie before (from a little before 3 weeks or so), but I was using BML at the I used baby BML for him. I'm at a loss when it comes to supplementing and HPW. Lol

(Btw, these babies are currently part of a colony of it shocks me that they were so cold! There is only 1 pouch in the cage because of the joeys, so they weren't left behind. My only guess is that the rest of the colony was out eating at the time.)
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Re: Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting - 01/26/08 01:01 PM

For Rejected Joey OR Health Emergencies, you can contact me 24/7 at 440-953-0904 (home) OR 440-520-4799 (cell)
These are Suz's contact numbers.
She is up pretty early, you need to contact her, she is the expert here with joeys.
Don't wait, get in touch with her, these little guys can go down hill quickly.
Good luck.
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Re: Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting - 01/26/08 05:11 PM

Did you talk to Suz?
Update on how these little ones are doing?
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Re: Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting - 01/27/08 08:38 AM

Becci, get them hydrated and warm and put them back with thier parents. You need to make sure that thier cage/glider room stays warm. Cover thier cage and put a space heater close. I lost 2 joeys a few weeks ago because it got too cold in my glider room and it was only 70* in there. Check them in an hour or so after putting them back and make sure they are still hydrated and warm.
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Re: Cold Joeys W/Possible Tenting - 01/27/08 08:50 AM

For whatever reason.... it sounds like the babys are dehydrated from lack of being fed. Babies when dehydrated... will become cold and then cannot digest or even be willing to eat.

Try warming the babies up first. If babies are still cold after 20 min of being down your shirt.. my suggestion is to seek help by an experienced breeder close to you or a Vet for sub-q fluids of LR.

Once babies are hydrated and warm... feed them reg HPW with a syringe. It is possible they will lap it from a dish.
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