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Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 05:40 AM

One of my friend in Korea has a grey pair and the pair got twin boys and one of them turned out to be a WF..
Is this possible?? and both the mommy and daddy's parents are perfect greys too... Hmm.. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 06:00 AM

have you seen pictures yet? I am so confused on this whole thing lately that I don't even know where to begin. Just a few months ago we were told there is no such thing as a wfb het. But now with in the last month 2 pairs have proven this theory to be wrong. Well I still believe that it is unlikely that you can get a wf from two grays, it seems to be some what possible (like winning the loterary).

Can you ask him for pictures and ask if you can share them... Or even better have him join so we can all find out more about this
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 06:14 AM

I saw the pic and I just couldn't believe it..I'll ask him to send me the pic when I see him in the messenger.. this whole color thang is confusing me as well..
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 09:16 AM

If one or both parents carry the gene for it, then it's possible. Would love to see pics!

It's like a blond child being born to parents who are both dark haired....2 or 3 generations back could have been blond...but they still carry the gene for blond hair.
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 05:28 PM

Maybe the gene is wild and somehow pops up in random grey pairs, even though it's dominant.
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 09:16 PM

Is the glider a White Face BLONDE or just a White Face? There have been white face normals(greys), which I think is a spontaneous genetic mutation. Or maybe I'm as confused as ever?
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 09:54 PM

White Faced gliders are a variation that comes in various colors (ie blonde, gray, cinnamon, champagne, etc). The appearance of a WF from 2 normals, may they be known hets or not, is a very rare occurance.
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/17/06 11:44 PM

Maybe the grays parents or grandparents were WF???
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Re: Grey+Grey=WF????? - 08/19/06 08:24 PM

from what i understand, the white faced gene is polygenic, meaning there are multiple genes that make up the white faced look, and they don't display properly unless you have the correct combination. i know my boy dimitri, a wf het, looks like a white face except for the bar under his ear. he's even blond. the original breeder listed him as a white face until she realized at around 2 weeks that he had a bar.

if you have two gliders that are white face hets, and they each carry opposite halves of the genes needed to make a white face, it is possible to make one, but even doing this once can be hard, since each parent has to contribute just the right combination of the genes to produce a white faced joey. some het pairs will never be able to produce a white faced joey, because they both carry the same part of the gene. other het pairs may do it once or twice, but probably won't do it often, because it's so unlikely to get the right set from each parent without doubling a gene here and missing one there.

anyway, that's how i understand it.
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