Gentics? A couple of question

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Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 12:36 AM

Ok I know a little about gentics not much but a little.
It is about WF and WFB I know all probaly thinking not again.
How do you get a WF? From a WFB and Norml Color
What can produce a WF? A WF and WF/WFB?
Can you get a WF from a WF and Normal? It isnt proven yet
Is there a Het for WF and WFB?

If you breed a 100% Het leu and 100% Lue what would you get?
100% HET Lue or a Leu? What would they be in a punnett sqaure. The letters both TT or Tt

What is the chance of getting a Leu from a 66% Leus?
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 12:47 AM

In order to get WFB or WF you have to have at least one parent expressing the color. The difference between the two is that WFB's are lighter in color as compared to WF's. At least that is my opinion, but most still call them all WFB's. Most people say there is no such thing as a WFB or WF het. I somewhat agree. You cannot produce this color withought 1 parent expressing it although it has happened once with a hets that had a long line of WFB in there lineage. I still call my joeys WFB hets because I belive if you were to pair them with a WFB there would be a better chance of getting WFB because the glider still has that color in their genes. (am i making sense????)

As far as Leu. two 100% hets you will get half of the joeys leu. and half will be 66%. With hets that means that there is a chance of that glider being a 100% het. so really there are no such thing as 66%hets or 50% they will either be 100% or won't cary the gene at all. For example take a 66%het. This glider has a 66% chance of being a 100% het and a 34% chance of not caring the gene. So from the parents it came from that means that 66% of their joeys will be 100% and 34% of their joeys won't carry the gene.

Hopefully that made sense. If I am wrong please correct me, but I think it is right!!!!!!!!1
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 12:52 AM

Thank I understand it now
Still feel free to post any extra information
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 01:06 AM

2 100% Leu Hets do not produce 50% white. read

BEW with 100% Leu Het will produce on average 50% White and 50% 100% Leu Hets.

2 100% Leu Hets produce on average 1 White and 3 Possible 66% Leu Hets. thumb
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 01:40 AM

OO ok so I get it I think
So It is like this
Leu Het 100% and a BEW well produce BEW half of times and Leu hets 100% half of the time.

Then 2 100% Leu usually produce 1 BEW glider and 3 66% of Leu Het
So if you purchase a Leu Het 66% that means there is a 66% percent that that glider has a BEW/Leu gene and 34% is doesnt have a Leu Gene so if you purchase a Lue 66% it could really just be a nomral gray glider?
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 01:53 AM

Sorry Judie!
I got it messed up, know that you said that i feel stupid!LOL!!! I knew that too!!!!!!
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 01:59 AM

Right. The easier way to explain it also. Is if 2 100% hets are paired together, out of 4 babies 1 sould be a leu, 1 gray and 2 100% hets. So out of three normal colored babies 2/3 are hets ---66%. If that helps understand more where the numbers come from. Here is a link to the squares.
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Re: Gentics? A couple of question - 03/30/07 02:26 AM

This is a wonderful....
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