Dilute cinos

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Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 02:38 AM

Idk I have been thinking alot about this... well since I have my Herman and he was suppose to be one... and he turns out he is an albino... Personally I think that the Dilute CInos are def albinos but when they are younger they are showing that they have wfs.. If you notice... All the ones that have popped up that look like them... are all from ceaser and mercedes or porshe and Mercedes and porshe are wfs... So has anyone else everthought that the dilute cinos are actually albinos trying to show that they are also a carrier of the wf gene too?

Idk Im just thinking out loud here dont quote me but personally that is what i think!
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 03:37 AM

I haven't got a clue. dunno I just have (and dearly love) my three standard gray babies. heart Someone will probably be along with their thoughts.
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 05:13 AM

Here is me being clueless about the lingo, by cino are you referring to a cinnamon? Or is this some type of abbreviation for cremino I haven't heard of yet?

This is a really interesting idea...any pics to support the hypothesis?
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 03:44 PM


Cremeino = cino
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 04:02 PM

I thought 'Cino' was short for
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 05:00 PM

cinnie is short for cinnamon wink I have no idea either, I think it'll be interesting to find out more about though!
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/25/08 05:53 PM

well if any of you have noticed... the dilute cinos always come from Ceaser AKA Victor and Porshe/Mercedes.. And porshe and mercredes are both wfs... and then the two that sheila had are NOT Dilute at all they are cremeinos they are dark.. But noone else has had a cino out of the albino line.. Unless the albino het was with a cino het or a cino from the ffr line... that is the only cinos I have seen from the Albino line show up with the exception of the two cinos that sheila had (Brulee and Solomon) but there has been in P Prices gliders Smiles (albino son of dimples (who is victor/ceasers brother)) was paired with a cino and they had two sets of twins... and both were double hets... So that shows that smiles did not have the gene... So personally there is alot more to find out about these two lines... I think the wf has alot to do with it... A few years back when I got into albinos I should have listened to sheila when she told me not to pair wfs with albino/hets but then she started doing it so i did as well... But I think we need to get these gliders back to regular hets no wfs keep them with greys/cinnies/lions or anything with no wf on the glider.. so we can start seeing more albinos!
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/27/08 12:08 AM

Kris, it will be interesting to see if their last 2 dilute creamino babies also lose their color or darken over time.

I don't believe the dilute creaminos have a light stripe and tail color as a result of them being wf. A lot of breeders have leus that are also wf and none of them ever had stripes or any color.

Also, I have produced a dark creamino out of a (50%, now proven), albino het out of Porsche paired with a creamino out of the FFR line. So there has been a creamino produced out of the albino line other than Sheila's 2. There is no FFR creamino blood in my Charisma, yet she produced a full creamino when paired with a creamino from the FFR line.
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/27/08 04:00 AM

wellll I think it is showing wf because of the fact that it only happens with wf gliders... and Also I think so because herman and gal look exactly alike... and so Thats what I am going for.. Herman and his mate peitre mated last sat... so we will see but I think that this is just what is going on.. But for noone to quote me...
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/27/08 07:50 AM

Kris, I am looking at Herman on your website and he has a colored tail so he cannot be albino t-
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Re: Dilute cinos - 10/27/08 03:28 PM

he doesnt have that color anymore..... he did last year when Lynsie came up....
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