No wheel during pregnancy?

Posted By: dranger1108

No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/26/07 08:04 PM

I saw this issue brought up on another thread and someone suggested that I start a new thread.
Are you suppose to remove the wheels when a glider is pregnant? I could see a wondent wheel jr. might be a problem, but I use the standered wondent wheel and the stealth wheel. I've never had a problem happen with my wheels and now I'm concerened that this could be a issue. I thought changing the glider's cage around during pregnancy would cause stress?
I just love watching the little joeys learn how to use the wheel when they are little and didn't think I could be putting them in danger... shakehead
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/26/07 08:10 PM

I have all Stealth wheels and never take them out accept for cleaning. I have never had any problems. I can see how the holes in the Wodent wheels could cause a problem on really big mommas, though.
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/26/07 08:39 PM

I have stealth wheels and I leave them in. All of my gliders use them a lot during the night and early morning, I wouldn't want to take that from them. The mom to be is supposed to get plenty of exercise too. They haven't had any problems thus far. I am only on me second set of babies though. When Berri started having feet and tails hanging out she stopped using the wheel on her own.
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/26/07 10:29 PM

Hi Michelle,
I have both types of wheels and haven't ever taken any of them out while my gliders are pregnant. I know there have been some report of wheel accidents but I haven't heard anything about a problem as of yet with a pregnant glider.

Anita heart
Posted By: Judie

Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/26/07 11:25 PM

Only once have I taken a wheel out of the cage and that was due to a female who had two babies hanging out while running in her wheel... and then it was only for a few days till the little ones unlatched. The wheel was a Wodent at the time and it looked as if the babies were hitting the running board.

All of my wheels have been replaced with Stealths except for my holding cages and they are for babies and occassionly temp housing for an adult.

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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 12:10 AM

i only have woodent wheels in all of my cages i leave them in during pregnancy for the exercise once the joeys start hanging out of pouch i remove it for a couple of days cause im afraid of the babies getting hurt
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 12:34 AM

I have stealths and leave them in except for cleaning but never left out over night. So pretty much all the time. No problems so far Ive had 5 sets of joeys born here. *crosses fingers* I am interested to see other response though.......
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 01:20 AM

I have open front wheels and I've never taken them out. Boy, my Piper would be very upset with me if I took away her favorite toy!

It actually quite amusing to watch her squeeze and balance on there with 2 joeys nearly OOP roflmao

I DO however, place the wheel at the bottom of the cage. This way if a joey or mommy did fall out, they don't fall & get hurt. I haven't had a problem in years.
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 01:24 AM

This just reminded me...

SugarBlossoms (GOD BLESS YOU) sent me a wodent Wheel..and before I received it, I had just an open faced, cheap-o wheel in their cage. I took it out when I got the wodent. I noticed last night Zane was like, moping around. It was like his hiding area. He LOVES it. I put the wheel back in and VOILA. He ran RIGHT to it, got up on the mesh and hung up side. It was so cute.

*shrug* And Zoey was running in the wheel with a joey hanging OOP yesterday, and everything was fine.

I tried to coax her out with a mealie, but she'd rather run..and she needs the exercise. Who am I try and stop her?
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 04:55 AM

I have kept both a Wodent and a Stealth in my cages as long as Stealths have been for sale to general public and never took either wheel out when my girls were carrying and never had any problems, even when Lili had 2 joeys 2 wks OOP and 2 IP and carried them all around on her shock (that was a sight to see) of course, she could only waddle then, and not very fast either. roflmao
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 12:41 PM

I have used Wodent Wheels (both 8" and 11"), Stealth, Rescue and cheap-o open-faced wheels. I have never taken any of them out of the cages when the females had joeys in or out of pouch. Never have had any problems with them either... Currently, all my cages now have Stealths or Rescues! But I do have a great picture of Bittah running in her cheap-o wheel from about 4 years ago heart
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 04:15 PM

Thanks everyone, that makes me feel a lot better. I wouldn't want to do anything that would risk the health of my babies.
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Re: No wheel during pregnancy? - 10/27/07 04:28 PM

My mama Troi had 3 big, beautiful joeys and ran like a maniac every day she carried them, albeit a little ungainly toward the end...they'd try and fall out of her pouch, and she'd stop and stuff 'em back in again, before taking off for some more running! smile
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