Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN!

Posted By: glidrz5

Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/02/07 04:43 PM

Well Miss Syd went back to the vets today to have her pouch re-checked. It had been doing very well for the last few months & then suddenly last Thursday it became puffy, irritated & crusty on the outside. We started cleaning it with the Chlorahexadine rinse that my vet had prescribed but it seemed to irritate it this time so we switched to warm water which she actually seemed to like. (She would make little licking motions with her tongue while we were cleaning it) We also started applying antibiotic ointment to the pouch. In addition she was put back on her perscription antibiotic. By today the puffieness was almost completely gone & the crustieness is gone as well. there is still some staining, but that will take time to disapate.
Anyway, I now have a new ointment to try in her pouch. It is "Vetro-Gen" "gentamicin sulfate veterinary opthamlmic ointment"
We do have a new theory as to why her "infections" may keep re-occuring. It's possible that the additional discharge & swelling might be related to her cycle. Just like some women have heavier & more painful periods, Sydney may have the same type of thing. If it is related to this, then we can start preventive care just before she is due to "start" and hopefully it will make things more comfortable for her and prevent it from building up & causing infections & further complications.
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/02/07 05:26 PM

That's three of us that are having pouch problems at the same time. Weird!!!
Mine looked like this...
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/02/07 05:43 PM

Awww, poor Syd frown I've got my fingers crossed that it is cycle related, so that you'll be able to offer her some level of comfort!
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/02/07 06:53 PM

Aww .. Chris... hope Syd if feeling better ..
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:06 AM

Just wanted to update everyone. Today Syds cycle was due to start & right on schedule her pouch is starting to look icky again. It may be too early to tell, but it's looking like the "infections" are related to her cycle. Which is a good thing actually because we'd be able to take preventative measures.
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:08 AM

I just panicked to see this as recent … wow… but you are right Chris.. now that it seems linked you can work form that angel … still sorry Syd is still having this…
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:16 AM

Right on cue, Chris!! dance Now you know, and maintenance starting a day or two before should be able to keep it under control. I'm sorry she's looking icky, but it's a step forward! hug2
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:48 AM

It's not bad yet & not puffy, but starting to get a bit darker than it should be.
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:51 AM

Chris .. you tell Syd.. her Uncle Bo & John … send her kisses … and for her to get well so she can enjoy this years SGGA and feel well!
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 12:52 AM

Just a thought.....might or might not be related, but even when we females pass our cycle there is a secrretion that is passed thru the mammary glands. In animals it can become infected especially if the nipple is in a moist, darkened area such as a marsupial. If you can remember about a week before her cycle to allow air to flow and keep her pouch dry this will help with cutting down on infection etc.
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Re: Sydneys Pouch.....AGAIN! - 03/23/07 05:31 AM

Well Miss Syddie, you need to take your meds like a good girl and get all better right away, okay? Your mommy is very smart and she knows what's going on now so she'll be able to keep your tummy from getting all icky from now on. Feel better soon!
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