Dirty Ears?

Posted By: Anonymous

Dirty Ears? - 05/16/07 01:01 AM

Iv had my little zeeboo for just over a week, and have noticed he's got a bit of reddish/brown dirt in his ears. Am I ment to clean this with a cutip of something, or is it ok to leave it as is? His eyes also are a tiny bit wet around the sides, is this bad?
Posted By: ValkyrieMome

Re: Dirty Ears? - 05/16/07 01:06 AM

I know that in cats and dogs, that reddish brown in the ears is an indication of either ear mites or a yeast infection.

I'd get him to a vet asap.
Posted By: Xfilefan

Re: Dirty Ears? - 05/16/07 01:13 AM

Gliders can get a waxy buildup in their ears just like other animals. Every few months, I use Otomax from my vet (treats for any 'just in case' scenarios, as two of mine shake their heads when this happens-they've been the only two I've needed to do anything with at all), and it goes away. I've never had a case of mites (which will eat the ears gone, and tend to be species specific-rare in gliders in this country), but it clears any issues/potential issues and they seem to be fine with that. It only takes a drop in each ear, and massage it in. I wouldn't advise using a q-tip.

If you've not had the glider very long, a vet check would be in order just to make sure nothing is out of order there-but Otomax works well and you do need to get that from your vet. You might have one that will have that a couple times a year, and treat for a couple weeks and they should be fine. Do let your vet make the initial diagnosis tho.
Posted By: Judie

Re: Dirty Ears? - 05/16/07 01:35 AM

The eyes should be "bright and clear". Ears should be clean and dry.

My suggestion is to seek vet care within the next few days. Eye infections and ear problems are usually indications that the glider is not well.
Posted By: SpikenPea

Re: Dirty Ears? - 05/16/07 01:42 AM

You have received excellent advise. Also, watch his co-ordination until you get to the vet. If his co-ordination starts to look funny i.e. drunk or dizzy could mean an infection is making its way to the middle ear. Just remember what Xfilefan said, let your vet make the diagnosis. So don't worry to much.
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