Controling Glider Smells

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Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 06:34 PM


I am getting my first gliders in about a month. They are two male joeys, and when they are old enough I will be getting them neutered. I know that for the most part gliders dont have a horrible smell when taken care of properly, but with my hubby already protesting against me getting them, I want to make sure that I am prepared.

What products do you use to keep the cage ( I am getting a rept ) and the suggies things smell free as much as possible?

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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 06:43 PM

Soap. Really.

Mine only smell noticably when the cages need cleaning. I do change the drop trays every other day or so, that helps. I also take the wheels out once a week and clean them well. I think the wheels get smelliest.

Then I try to wipe the cage bars every other day or so, and every other week I scrub the cages in the shower. And I rotate pouches and toys weekly.

Mine are in a small room, where I usually keep the door closed. I notice a smell, but only a very slight "there are animals here" smell. And, I have an intact male.
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 06:46 PM

I would suggest cleaning out the cage once a week. Make sure you keep clean water and fresh food out at all times, which you have to do anyway for your glider's health. Also I've noticed that when I wash my pouch in unscented detergent my male doesn't go back over and mark as much as when I use something scented. My male is about 12 weeks oop and just over the last 2 weeks or so I have noticed a faint smell. But as long as you keep everything clean it's not a smell that will knock you down or anything it's really faint. Ashley
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 06:51 PM

I clean once a week, use Eucalyptus and Pureayre to help with the smell throughout the week
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 08:02 PM

okay many things needs to be prepared and addressed,

1. to much cage cleaning can actually cause them to mark it more, cleaning the pan weekly, wiping down the poutside to prevent the stickyness, and depending on the cage material how often it will need cleaned, I have the 19 guage wire on my big cage, and I only give it a thorough cage cleaning one every 6 months, the wood, and wheels and cloth items get cleaned about every 3 months rotating them, washing them at different times, if you have a wodent wheel, it needs to be cleaned about every 2 weeks. I clean my items and toys is hot water, never all at the same time.

2. cage wire, glavanized being the worst that you could use for cage wire to begin with also has the highest smell retention, highly suggest using coated wire, or using plastic dip on it., the flight cages are next, the pvc coated wire 14-16 guage is next, then powder coat, with stainless steel being the lest. as for the reptariums, I have no clue

3. Circulation in the room, ceiling fans, fresh air a small fan blowing any thing to keep the air circulating, not covering all sides of the cage either.

4. diet, a diet too high in citrus, vitamins etc.. will cause a much smellier urine.

5. neutering will definitely help with the "strong offensive musky odors"

6. over cleaning of the pouch and introducing new things will also cause them to over mark their territory.

things like pure ayre, and fabreeze, and the smell be gones, all cover and mask a potential problem, if the glider has a urine problem, the covering of these smells, also cover the symptoms of a possible medical problem or dietary issue that really should be addressed

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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/24/07 09:24 PM

Bourbon whats a plastic dip?
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/25/07 05:05 AM

Originally Posted By: Laura_Leigh
I clean once a week, use Eucalyptus and Pureayre to help with the smell throughout the week

Same here and we have no problems with smell !
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/25/07 05:20 AM

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I will have to get some Pureayre and Eucalyptus to try out.

Does the fresh Eucalyptus have a strong enough smell to deotorize (sorry I am a horrible speller!) a small room? Or do you have to burn or boil it?

I will also have to work out a cleaning schedule. Looks like everyone does something different and probally depends alot on the gliders you own.

Thank you agian!

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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/25/07 11:23 AM

where do you get Pureayre and Eucalyptus. I seem to have a odor more now that it is getting humid outside....i would just lik to have some kind of airfreshener or something that helps my suggies are in the living room and the odor bugs me as to people coming in the house and saying your house smells lol...
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Re: Controling Glider Smells - 05/25/07 01:12 PM

The biggest problem I have is my male scent marks like crazy - and he is neutered. He is just extremely territorial and likes to let us all know it. I honestly don't find their urine and feces smelling too much. I try not to clean too much, because it makes him do it more. My husband commments about it. I usually spray my carpets and couch (they have a gliderproof room to play in) once a week with a cage cleaner type product (healthy habitat). I can't imagine having intact males in my home. I don't want to scare you - but they are going to have a smell to them no matter what. If smell is a big, big issue - you may want to get two females instead.
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