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Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:33 PM

my glider coco i think has teeth decay but i don't know what to do!!! he has branches all in his cage and i have never heard of anything about teeth decay in gliders!!! what should i do!!!
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:37 PM

What makes you think he has tooth decay? Have you taken him to a vet?
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:52 PM

he has what looks like black dots on the bottom on his two big teeth and some on some of hie back teeth. no i haven't been able to take him cause no vet around here even knows what to do to a suger glider.
Posted By: glidergrl1513

Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:55 PM

Where are you located?
You can find a vet that deals with gliders by choosing your location from there. Other than that, I'm sorry, I don't know what is wrong with your glider.
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:55 PM

If you could let us know what state/location your in we can maybe refer you to a vet in your area...
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 04:59 PM

i live in middle tennessee close to rutherford. it would help alot if i knew any kind of glider teeth cleaner.
Posted By: Xfilefan

Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 11:20 PM

Most gliders don't need it, so they don't make one for them. I have one currently in the process of losing all of her teeth-14 so far. What is your diet? That could explain why they may have decay. Here's the vet that is currently taking care of my Lyah's teeth-she will consult with another vet:

Dr. Laurel Harris
2675 Parley's Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(801) 485-4736

Branches aren't sufficient alone to prevent decay, if diet is high in sugar (they can't get in between for instance). Some diets include mealworms for that purpose.

A vet will need to put the glider under anesthesia to find out exactly what's going on, and make a determination as to whether to remove the teeth or not, or even to sufficiently clean them. I wish I could tell you you could do it yourself, but you can't. If there's decay in there, it can also lead to infection and abscesses in the mouth/face, and eventually can even kill the glider if not taken care of. Chris (glidrz5) and I are the only one's I know of to deal with tooth issues on a large scale-either of us are more than happy to help as we can.
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/25/07 11:32 PM

hmm this is interesting, i never heard of decay either. I wish i can help you out.
Posted By: glidrz5

Re: Glider Teeth - 05/26/07 05:58 AM

You're also welcome to have yoru vet contact mine....
Dr Drew Kaiser
Katherine Road Animal Hospital
He has delt with both my Sassy & my Nicky throughout their dental issues. I am sure that he would be willing to pass on what he learned from them.
To help with my other gliders to improve their dental health, he has me using a antibacterial oral rinse to brush their teeth....Chlorohexidine (I believe that is it). I will dip a Q-Tip into the rinse & then gently brush their teeth with it to remove any food build up. You can also put it into a syringe & squirt it into the gliders mouth & then let them shake their heads to spit it out (kinda like glider gargling) You may want to ask your vet about it.
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Re: Glider Teeth - 05/26/07 08:05 PM

i feed him the suger glider food that is suppose to have mealworms in them. that and i put that suger glider supliment in his food. he has everything he is suppose to. i will check with as vet to see what is wrong. i hope it is nothing it would break my heart if it is decay because then i would feel like it is my fault which it probably is!!!
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