Nocturne & Lark's Home

Posted By: North_Nocturne

Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/11/13 12:30 AM

I custom-built the frame for this 260 gallon Glidearium (30"x30"x70") many years ago. It is the home of an eight year old neutered black beauty male, Nocturne, and his seven year old mosaic lady, Lark. The decor includes two wheels, two tents, a mesh feeding tray, tunnels, many different types of toys, and treasured products I have collected over the years from Glider Daydreams and Suggie Gym.

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Posted By: xSwtxSugaX

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/12/13 05:51 PM

Im loving all the bright colors and patterns!!
Posted By: hwh4ev

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/13/13 06:02 PM

love this cage. nice and busy and i bet your gliders love it. great toys/setup.
Posted By: Emmie1125

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/14/13 05:22 PM

I simply love love love your set up. The bright colors and your suggie babies seem so comfy. Simply adorable.

Posted By: North_Nocturne

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/14/13 11:34 PM

Thank you everyone! I actually intended to make the entire cage set in the asian flowers & lanterns on black background fleece but I could only find a small amount locally so I decided to make the shelf sleeves out of the pinky-coral/white print fleece. I ended up loving the combination of prints.
Posted By: Kathryn

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/17/13 10:35 PM

I love this! The colors are amazing and its so busy, your gliders must have so much fun in there!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Nocturne & Lark's Home - 10/23/13 01:44 AM

Your gliders must be very happy, looks great!
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