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cryptosroidiosis - 02/08/11 10:26 PM

I just found out that sweet pea died from this and what are things i can do to make sure this does not happen to her parents. The vet said everything was healthy and this was just something that hit and hit hard to my baby. What things can i do?
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/08/11 11:09 PM

Cryptosporidium infection (cryptosporidiosis) is a gastrointestinal disease whose primary symptom is diarrhea. It's hard to tell with a joey, whether it has it or not, because their pooh is naturally diarrhea like.

The cryptosporidium parasite enters the body and travels to the small intestine, then as with all parasites, begins its life cycle inside the body, burrowing into the walls of the intestines and then later being shed in the feces. With a compromised immune system, such as a small joey, a cryptosporidium infection can become life-threatening without proper treatment.

You can help prevent cryptosporidium with good hygiene and by avoiding drinking water that hasn't been boiled or filtered. Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw.

Cryptosporidium infection IS contagious, so take mom & dad to the vet for a SNAP fecal.

Cryptosporidium and giardia another one-celled parasite are difficult to eradicate because they're resistant to many chlorine-based disinfectants and aren't effectively removed by many filters. They can also survive in the environment for many months at varying temperatures, though they can be destroyed by freezing or boiling.

Anti-parasitic drugs and fluid replacement with pedialyte, if diarrhea is present, are the treatments.

Karen, I know having a necropsy done on Sweet Pea was extremely hard to do, but now that you know what killed her, you know to take her parents in for diagnosis and treatment. Sweet Pea did not die in vain. She has most likely saved her parents lives and educated many, many glider owners, including this one.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/08/11 11:10 PM

I'm very sorry about sweet pea! frown I remember from my days as a vet tech we had a mastiff that had this. The vet said it wasn't very common. I remember the vet telling the owners 2 distinct things (in addition to the antibiotic treatments given) - make sure he was drinking from a filtered water source and do not let him come into contact with his feces. I wish you the very best moving forward.

edit: I should rephrase - he said it wasn't very commonly FOUND (like giardia), sorry for any confusion.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 04:41 AM

Well i have 2 cages so how can i boil or freeze the cages? I want to take every precaution now. I have washed and sterilized all the toys. I put the water bottles and plastic toys through the dishwasher. I also plan to break apart their wodent wheels and put them through the dishwasher. I figured that may help kill bacteria.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 04:45 AM

Do you have a steamer? I would think that gets hot enough to kill anything. If not, I'm pretty sure you could use the same sterilization process you used for your toys.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 04:52 AM

Even if you sanitized absolutely everything, the parents still need to go to the vet for fecal testing. As soon as they poop in the sanitized cage, wheel and toys, if they have this parasite, they're going to reinfect those areas, unless they're treated and cured. This parasite is very contagious and as mentioned, hard to find. You'll probably need to do the testing more than a couple of times. Because you know Sweet Pea had it, I would have the parents tested once a week for four weeks.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 05:13 AM

Well i didnt put some of their toys back yet. How can i sterilize their cage completely?
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 04:28 PM

I would use a steamer like mentioned above...the water is super-heated. Unless you have the fecal testing done and re-done, you won't know when they've been cleared of the infection.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 05:09 PM

Where can i find one and how much do they range in cost? I have never heard of one before.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 06:00 PM

Amazon is where I got my Wagner 905 for around $85. HTH
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 06:18 PM

I got my Wagner 905 from Lowes for about $100. Not only does it sanitize the cages, but it's great for cleaning cabinets, appliances, walls and floors.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 07:44 PM

So how do you clean the cage with it? It sounds like it is as big as a mop.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 07:51 PM

The Wagner has a hand piece with a very long hose and lots of attachments. I just used one of the bristle attachments. It shoots a powerful blast of super hot steam out like a volcano - but I had absolutely no dripping. I just went over the whole cage with it inside and out.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 07:54 PM

How long does a tank of water last and how long does it take to heat the water?
With all this snow I need to do something here.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 07:58 PM

Brenda I'm going to PM you. smile
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 08:08 PM

Brenda I have a steemer if you want to borrow it.
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Re: cryptosroidiosis - 02/09/11 09:37 PM

I would just reiterate what was said....please take the parents into the vet ASAP because you can do all the sterilizing you want, but once they poop in that cage, it's like starting over again...I mean definitely keep the cage clean and clean it often, but really the parents do need to go to the vet and get started on the appropriate medication....
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