Fabric Fresheners?

Posted By: Dayton Gliders

Fabric Fresheners? - 08/20/13 09:03 PM

Would fabric fresheners be safe for gliders? I have heard yes and no? I was thinking about putting some in my fabric closet, but have been hearing mixed things about them dunno

I would assume that it would be fine after washing the fabrics off, but you can never be too careful wink
Posted By: Kathryn

Re: Fabric Fresheners? - 08/20/13 10:01 PM

Just to be safe I would say no. Even if the extra chemicals didn't bother them just the overall scent of the fabric freshener would. It would probably be much less stressful for your glider if you didn't use them. smile
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Fabric Fresheners? - 08/21/13 05:30 AM

I'm not sure what, specifically, you are talking about? Scented products like plug-ins or scented fabric softeners? As Kathryn said, any time you are using a scented product like that, you run the risk of them having problems with the chemicals used.

Gliders are VERY scent oriented, so they really prefer their things either not smelling, or smelling like them. You are going to be much more likely to have/create an avid scent marker in your colony and making their stuff actually smell worse to try to overpower whatever scent products you use with their own.
Posted By: edenmalfoy

Re: Fabric Fresheners? - 08/21/13 04:37 PM

My boys don't really ever stink, especially since they were neutered but when I brought home their new cage set from Cindy's house they were like THIS DOESN'T SMELL LIKE ME!! And the next day I went in their room and omg....they had been busy making sure EVERYTHING smelled like them. Pew. So I washed it all a couple of days later and I guess they were satisfied with that because all has been well since.

Crazy babies shakehead
Posted By: CindyBee

Re: Fabric Fresheners? - 08/21/13 07:58 PM

If I am correct I think he is talking about the fabric sprays such as fabreeze? Am I correct?

Would you be spraying them on new fabrics that have yet to be made into cage sets? Are you planning on washing them prior to putting them the cages for suggies..if so-I would think it would be okay as long as the scent is washed off well.

I agree with the others..they will definitely overmark if they don't recoginze the new non-neutered glider did the same thing when I brought him home in their new cage set I made. first non-neutered male and now I remember smile LOL
Posted By: Dayton Gliders

Re: Fabric Fresheners? - 08/23/13 03:31 AM

I am referring to the fabric scented capsules you can use in your closets/fabric rooms. Here is a link to what I mean: CLICK ME smile
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