Been a long time..looking for some advice :)

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Been a long time..looking for some advice :) - 01/21/11 08:36 PM

It has been almost 2 years I believe since I posted on this website. You guys were alot of help back then, so I am hoping you can be helpful now smile

I moved to Nebraska, and I have contacted the local human society, they say that Gliders are illegal, but I asked what the code was, and they didn't know. So I called my city to find out if it was their codes, they said no, I called the county, asked if it was theirs they also said no, along with the state saying no.

So I asked the Humane Society if they could tell me what agency says they are illegal in Omaha (my city) and they tried telling me the city, then the county, then the state. Every time I responded and said that each of those branches said it wasnt illegal. However the humane society is still saying it is illegal...

I REALLY want to own another glider, and my sister does as well but we dont want to be accused of having an Illegal animal in the city limits...any ideas on where to look to verify they are or are not illegal?
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Re: Been a long time..looking for some advice :) - 01/21/11 08:45 PM

I would suggest you go to the city offices and get it in writing that they are not illegal to own. The humane society told me they were illegal inside Omaha city limits as well (They seized some gliders in a rescue operation and I helped rehome them).
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Re: Been a long time..looking for some advice :) - 01/23/11 10:31 AM

This is posted on USDA website in ref to Nebraska.

002.26 EXOTIC ANIMAL means any animal whose species is not now, or was not historically, indigenous to the State of Nebraska

003 Administration. These regulations shall be administered by the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Animal Industry, located in the State Office Building, Fourth Floor, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, Nebraska. The mailing address is P.O. Box 94787, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4787. The telephone number is (402) 471-235l. The fax number is (402) 471-6893.

013 Importation of Exotic Animals. In addition to those general requirements contained in 23 NAC 2-004, the following requirements shall be met:

013.01 A permit for entry shall be obtained from the Bureau prior to each shipment;

Or just call the USDA main offices in Fort Collins, CO.
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Re: Been a long time..looking for some advice :) - 01/24/11 12:33 PM

Will you please provide us with the link to the USDA website in ref to Nebraska?
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