maine laws

Posted By: steph323

maine laws - 10/02/11 06:24 AM

not sure where to put this exactly. But I think this is the correct place. I was researching and I think maine doesnt require a permit. if I am reading this link right. I was looking at the legal/illegal states list thought I might put up this link for others to view. Let me know if I am wrong please, thanks smile
Posted By: JeremysDad

Re: maine laws - 10/02/11 05:48 PM

No they do not anymore. This older info... they are several breeders in Maine and I live on the border and am friends with some.
Posted By: IslandGliders

Re: maine laws - 10/02/11 06:06 PM

If an animal is on the unrestricted species list, it means exactly that: it's unrestricted. smile There is a lot of outdated info floating around on the internet, so I called Fish & Game myself (just to 5000% make sure) about a year ago, and they told me that sugar gliders in Maine are totally legal; no permit, no permissions, no special requirements. Phew!
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