who do I call or should I?

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who do I call or should I? - 07/26/12 01:56 AM

There is a pet shop near by that I guess has no ventelization in their store. it is small and packed with animals from skunks to alligators to monkeys and gliders and others. The smell almost made me sick! It surley cant be good for the animals to breath all the oders and surley isnt good on the young man working there not sure if he is the owners son or not. But my problem is the other pets breathing the amonia if it's bad or hard for us to breath it is for them as well.
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Re: who do I call or should I? - 07/26/12 02:01 AM

Call the ASPCA branch in your area. Or the animal warden (I think they are the ones that do the inspections).

I would call them and explain it to one of them. They should be able to help or point you in the right direction.

They will come and make sure the facilities are up to code and check the licensing.
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Re: who do I call or should I? - 07/26/12 05:01 AM

I would email the the mill breeder project. see below for email
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Re: who do I call or should I? - 07/27/12 06:09 PM

You can also contact the USDA. In order to sell some of the animals you listed, they have to be USDA licensed. You can file a complaint with them.
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Re: who do I call or should I? - 08/02/12 03:11 AM

You can also notify Florid Fish and Wildlife. The pet store would be regulated by the state if they have exotic animals for sale.

You can contact the regional office closest to you.

They will send an inspector to the facility to investigate.
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