USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns

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USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns - 03/13/13 02:09 PM

I have a few question regarding USDA Licensing.

1- The paperwork wants a list of animals on hand before licensing.

I have mice, rats that I breed, freshwater fish, a parrot, 2 pet cats (neutered), four pet dogs (one spayed the other three intact), and a few other critters.

I also have one tenant who live under my roof who owns 2 cats and one that owns a small dog. (all fixed)

What animals do I need to list on my license?

Do I just list the exotics that will be under the license (spiny mice, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, etc)?

Or do I have to list my personal pets on this as well?

2- When they and the vet come to do pre/post licensing inspections, do they just look at the species on the license?

Or are the going to want to see every animal on the premises?
I can not give them legal access to my tenants animals.

I also have my own vet for my dogs who sees eye to eye with me regarding nutrition, care, etc and the vet we're using for our license for the exotics does not agree with the other vet and I (IE I don't feel that a Newfoundland puppy should be fed High protein puppy food).

Additionally, I have a room setup in my house just for my regulated species. It has the proper flooring, walls, lighting, and is temperature controlled with proper ventilation.

This is the room all of my regulated species are/will be kept.

I also have an area in my basement where I house my non regulated animals, such as my reptiles (USDA doesn't regulate reptiles but I will have a DEC permit for some of them), my mice and rats, and it's where my dog crates are for if/when my dogs need to be crated. I keep my grooming tub and grooming table down there where I groom my dogs, and there's a workshop down there. It's not a dedicated animal area.

I don't know if technically this would pass as it doesn't have great lighting (albeit tons of lighting) and it's, well, a basement with other things.

Do they inspect all areas of my home where my pets are kept too?

What methods of pest control do you guys who are licensed use so I know some suggestions?

Also methods for euthanasia.

FINALLY, I'll be conducting this under my "business" and the "business" will be legally renting the room on the property where the animals are kept. I personally do not own the property.

Does that make a difference between where the USDA/Vet goes and what animals would be included or not? The BUSINESS doesn't own the other animals in the household.
(IE, if you rent out a office space in a warehouse the USDA doesn't have the right to check any animals in other offices not owned by the business during visits because it's the same property, do they?)

Any and all info will be very helpful smile
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Re: USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns - 03/13/13 05:10 PM

I called the USDA and got information from them but they weren't too sure about some of the questions so they actually gave me the phone number for my inspector.

I was able to talk with the ACTUAL inspector who would be coming here, and was able to get all my questions answered.

She doesn't require the cages be up off the ground but everything needs to be cleaned and she said it makes things easier. She said this is because the cages for the animals will be in a room where there will ONLY be animals for the business and not other animals roaming.

Sanitizable surfaces, protocol for sanitizing cages and proper sanitizer.

She said that animals that do not pertain to the business don't need to be inspected UNLESS you keep cages of regulated species around the house. Then, all bets are off and she can inspect everything. (my largest concern was having to give rights to other tenants animals because they are on the same premises, which I can't legally do).

Only animals for the "business" can be kept in that room, no other animals.

She was VERY helpful and certainly eased my fears on USDA inspections.
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Re: USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns - 03/13/13 05:26 PM

You are confusing me about your tenant. Is this like an apartment where they have the upstairs and is totally separate from your area? Meaning they have a separate entrance, etc? If so, that would not be considered your "facility".

If they keep animals in the same "house" as you, then yes they would most likely qualify if they fall under the USDA regulations. Meaning, you can't have 4 cages of your sugar gliders and 4 cages of theirs in the same area and expect the USDA to ignore the 4 that aren't yours.

We have dart frogs and they have no bearing on my license at all. However, your other pets, if not spayed/neutered and are regulated by the USDA, will need to be listed on your paperwork and will be subject to inspection regardless if they are in your room that your business is renting from your or not. That aspect (the rented room) is irrelevant to the USDA. If I had all but one cage of my gliders in the glider room, and one in my bedroom, the inspector would have every right to go into my bedroom to inspect that cage as well.

Just for other peoples info (since you said your questions were answered), as for the method of euthanization, that information needs to come from your veterinarian. The inspector can tell you what can be used, but you need to know what your Vet will use.
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Re: USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns - 03/13/13 05:50 PM

I live in a house that I do not own and the business rents a separate room for (the gliders). Its rented under the business account and the business is a legal entity.

There are other animals in the home that belong to other tenants. What they own is not my responsibility and if they own gliders, hedgehogs, or anything else I do not know about it as we're not family, or "friends" or even talk.

Rooms in the house are rented out individually.

I have three intact dogs which I am not breeding, they do not go into the room where the business is being held. I also own non regulated species.

The inspector told me:
1- Only the regulated animals for the business will be inspected IF and only if they are ALL kept in the one rented room.

If you start keeping animals in other rooms or all over the house, other animals in that vicinity will be inspected as well.

They have to be kept COMPLETELY separate and be kept so they can never come into contact (including watering system, food, etc), is the way it was put to me. *shrug*

Not hard since the room that's rented has a door and a lock smile

I only have to list, on the paperwork, the animals that are regulated in the room being rented by the business if that will be the only room that is used for them.

Anyway, I have no legal right to FORCE the people living in the house to obey USDA laws if they have a glider or a hedgehog (which I don't know anyway).

I also have no right to allow someone into their rooms (if they were even unlocked) as I could probably be arrested for trespassing.

I'm only going by what I was told by the inspector herself. The person at the office also made mention that it "should" only be regulated species in the room for the business, not other renters pets".

*shrug* I assume we'll find out when the time comes, but I'm glad I'll have the same inspector I spoke to over the phone.

I wouldn't be able to get a license if I had to force other tenants to tell me what pets they had and put them under the license too lol

OH also, as far as I know, the USDA does not deal in reptiles or amphibians (as per what they told me on the phone).

I asked them if I needed anything from them in addition to the DEC for my exotic reptiles, which is when they told me.
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Re: USDA Licensing Steps/Questions/Concerns - 04/02/13 09:29 PM

Will you have a refrigerator/freezer IN the room with the gliders and a sink for handwashing and food preparation?

It sounds like you will have only a bedroom type space used for the gliders. Your inspector may want to see your food preparation areas - if that is in a common area where others share the space that might be an issue with the inspector.
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