legal or illegal in Canada?

Posted By: Neets

legal or illegal in Canada? - 02/16/14 02:44 AM

I was told by someone today that sugar gliders are illegal in London, Ontario, Canada. When I got my gliders they were definitely on the legal list. The London bylaw is as unclear as when I got them, and the site that lists legal and illegal cities in Ontario doesn't list London in either list. So are they currently legal or illegal?
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Re: legal or illegal in Canada? - 02/20/14 02:18 AM

Anyone from Canada that can help out here?
Posted By: Lisette

Re: legal or illegal in Canada? - 02/20/14 04:16 PM

Honestly Neets the bylaws on this for our area (I'm in Windsor) are so vague. When I researched this, I couldn't find anything that strictly said they ARE legal or require a permit, but I also couldn't find anything that said otherwise.

I ran into a girl who said she works for a pet store. She insisted up and down that they were completely illegal in all of Ontario (which I already knew to be false) I asked how she knew this, she replied that pet stores would carry them if they were legal ...

Anyway, I finally just up and decided to call the Windsor bylaw office. I explained I was researching them, but I couldn't find anything clearly stating that I couldn't get them or that I needed a permit. He did have to get back to me, but he told me 100% they are ok for Windsor.

My suggestion to you is to do the same. Don't just take someone's word for it. If you already have gliders, I would suggest not mentioning that part if/when you call. Just say you're researching them and go from there.
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Re: legal or illegal in Canada? - 02/23/14 02:37 AM

Thanks for the advice. The local animal care center says illegal. This is a change since I original researched them. I also noticed Hamilton use to say they were illegal and are legal now. Guess it can change with every rewrite of the rules.
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