traveling to europe with gliders

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traveling to europe with gliders - 01/20/08 04:08 PM

read hi all i am miss whiskers ( donniganclan) i am new to glidercentral, I do not yet own a glider but was wondering about traveling to Italy with a glider and or europe and the uk in general. I did the trip with my little chihuahua some years back and would like to know any info about this
thank you
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Re: traveling to europe with gliders - 01/20/08 04:30 PM

wave Welcome to GC! Thanks for doing your research first smile

You would have to check with the customs of each individual country you were planning on visiting. Especially being an exotic animal, they would probably be subject to quarantine. This could range from a couple of weeks to 6 months. Either way, can you imagine how stressful that would be? They would probably lose any bond that they had with you while under long quaratines.

Also, with the stress. Gliders should really be kept, for the most part, in one home. Moving too much can SERIOUSLY stress a glider out. Some complications from all that stress could be overgrooming, loss of appetite, depression, diarrhea, as well as anything that may stem off of those (which, in some cases, could lead to death). Also, you don't know what you would be exposing your glider to, s/he could pick up any number of diseases/illnesses from the places you are visiting, especially because their immune systems might be compromised from the stress.

You do need to think about vets, too. Could you guarantee that there would always be a vet available where you are that could treat your sugar glider in case he got ill? It's hard enough to find an exotic vet (much less an emergency vet open 24 hours) here in the States and in Canada..think about trying to find one in Europe, where they are much less popular.
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Re: traveling to europe with gliders - 01/20/08 06:15 PM

thanks glidergirl, i certainly would not want to stress the little guys out, did not think of quarantines etc because of there size. i can't wait to actually meet the breeder in my city when his little bundles of joy arrive see the environment, and conditions that they are living in as i have never held of met a glider I.R.L

should be interesting, think this community is great for info and incite into the little world of the glider.
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Re: traveling to europe with gliders - 01/26/08 09:40 PM

Another thing to consider is that, at this time anyway, gliders aren't allowed in the cabin of any commercial airlines that I'm aware of - at least not the ones here in the US. So even if the laws/restrictions in the areas you'd be traveling to allowed the glider, you may have to have them shipped in the cargo area which could also be very stressful for a glider on a long trip - especially if any of the flights were at night when the glider would be awake. Just something to be aware of. thumb

Oh, and Welcome to GliderCENTRAL! wave This is a great place for information.
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Re: traveling to europe with gliders - 04/02/08 02:08 PM

I don't own a glider myself, but I do live in the UK. Because it is an island, allegedly "rabies-free," ALL animals are subject to 3-6 months quarantine when they enter the country. The rest of Europe does not have this - as long as you have vet records you're fine to bring an animal into the country. As far as gliders specifically are concerned, I don't know whether they are legal or not. I came to this forum to investigate that myself. So if anyone has any input, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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