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Question... - 06/07/08 10:52 AM

I`ve looked and looked but can`t find what I`m searching for. Anyone know how would I find out if Sugar Gliders are legal in Maple Ridge BC (british columbia) Canada? I can`t seem to find any information anywhere?
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Re: Question... - 06/07/08 11:07 AM

Anyone? Please???
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Re: Question... - 06/07/08 12:14 PM

i couldnt find anything in a google search either. my advise would be to ask a pet store owner or something about where you can find out what is legal and what isnt.

the only thing i did find that might give clues was this forum thread:

its about reptiles but they talk about all exotic too.

hope this helps some at least

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Re: Question... - 06/07/08 02:56 PM

I couldnt find anything, either! dunno
Posted By: Trigger

Re: Question... - 06/07/08 03:46 PM

Check the State roll call for Canada. There are 2 parts for Canada and lots of suggie owners there. One of them will probably know more about specific locations being legal.
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