legal in NY

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legal in NY - 11/19/08 01:50 PM

I just tried to look at the NY law and was apparently changed in August of 99' but it won't show me the new regulations does anyone know about NY?
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 03:43 PM

as far as I know they are only illegal in NYC proper....they are considered legal in upstate and Long Island
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 05:07 PM

SYRACUSE! Finally! A local! Yep, they're legal in our area...only illegal down near NYC in like...what is it? 5 areas in NYC?
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 09:19 PM

Where in Syracuse are you from? Any breeders close to us. I am actually in Camillus. Thanks for the info. I was at the vet for one of my cats and I asked to see if they see gliders. I heard people in the back saying that they are illegal. I got nervous that I shouldn't have said anything but how would I find a vet if I couldn't ask the vets if they see them.I would be devistated if they came and confinscated my fuzzbutts! Do you know of a vet that sees them in our area?
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 09:37 PM

Hey there you guys! I live in Rochester Ny and also on Long island (sometimes) lol They are legal up here and on long island. Oddly enough people are selling them in they city and in brooklyn and the bronx. Don't know where in NYC they are illegal but i don't doubt it.

I have a few places by me who see sugar gliders but over price badly. I was quoted almost 300 for a neuter!
I found one place that only charges 100.00

One place near you I know treats sugar gliders is Cornell University! They are really nice (at least they were when i called them about neuter). They have a vet there and they neuter for 105.00. They don't use the method I would prefer but they take off the sac for their neuter.

I think they are about 40 miles south of you.

Any of you guys have USDA Licenses up here?

I can't get one now, my apartment is too small and they probably would not approve (but all of my suggies get awesome care btw), but In May, I will hopefully be moving into a house (fingers crossed) so I want to get the paperwork all ready and have everything ready to send in so that I can be licensed asap!
I already have it all planned out. They are getting their own room and are going to have 6ft tall cages and they will be huge! I am already hunting down the supplies for the cages, i can hardly wait!!

Sorry, i talk too much. lol
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 10:09 PM

I'm actually in Jordan. Just went out to Camillus today to look at the price of pantry shelving at Lowes. 0.o (cheapest place around here to find the pantry shelving if you ever plan on making a cage out of it)

Oh man! I can just imagine how horrified you must have felt. But, there's only 1 sug vet around here that I can think of...Mattydale Animal Hospital. Course there's Rochester too but it's kinda further away. But, I haven't been to Mattydale A.H yet but they told me it was...$32? for a check-up for 1 sug. Here's their site...

Ya, they're illegal in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, etc. DougV on here is a USDA licensed breeder in Rochester. laugh I haven't seen his sugs but a friend of mine who knows a lot about animals has been friends with him for ages and I trust my friends' judgement. Just...can't think of any members on here who are registered and are in the area besides him.

Ooooo nice! I bet they'll love that. smile Hopefully things go through right for you.
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 10:25 PM

Thanks! I hope I never have to call Mattydale but it is good to know of a place that will take them. How long have you had your babies? We just got them when those horrible PPP were here in Buffalo. I was there selling Enjoy the City coupon books at the Erie county fair for my daughters synchronized skating team. Of course I bought spontainiously like they want you to. I couldn't pass up those cute little faces! After I found out how they actually are I feel like I just rescued 2 baby suggies! We have had them since August 4th. Did you go to the country folk art show last month. They were there. I would love to tell the people that run that how bad they are and not to let them in next year. My heart aches for those poor babies that die or get mistreated by them! They don't care about the babies just the money they recieve selling them!
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Re: legal in NY - 11/19/08 11:10 PM

I heard about when they were at the fair in buffalo. They sold someone a suggie and it was way under 8 weeks oop. It died when the people brought it home and they called and told ppp and they said it was the new owners fault for not keeping the baby on the heat rock... The heat rock!! You're not even supposed to use a heat rock! I was so close to going down there with my 8 week oop baby and doing a comparison and calling them out!
*sigh* bad people
I am glad you saved those suggies!
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Re: legal in NY - 11/20/08 12:17 AM

Hey GliderFun, you're my neighbor! I didn't know that. smile
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Re: legal in NY - 11/20/08 03:10 AM

lol yuppp I'm in rochester. Where abouts upstate are you?

I see that you're a student too. Where do you go? I go to MCC. How funny would it be if we went to the same school. lol
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Re: legal in NY - 11/20/08 10:59 AM

I'll PM ya!
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Re: legal in NY - 11/20/08 01:31 PM

Originally Posted By: bigmama549
After I found out how they actually are I feel like I just rescued 2 baby suggies!

You DID! I just paid for Roo, a 4 week OOP (maybe frown ) joey listed on craigslist. It's a very good chance he was originally sold by PPP or CCC. He is my rescue joey, even tho I paid for him.
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Re: legal in NY - 11/30/08 09:05 PM

After the Erie County Fair there were so many sugar glider joeys on craigslist. I wish I could of bought them all. THe people at the fair do not even handle the babies. They handle the ones that the show at the fair and that is it. They need to be shut down.
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Re: legal in NY - 11/30/08 09:58 PM

They are illegal in all 5 boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhatten, & Staten Island)

...and I am a bit of a drive but I am in NY too.
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