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Posted By: GliderFun

USDA License Info - 11/22/08 04:31 AM

I am going to call and get a packet on monday so I can get my USDA License. Can someone give me info on what the process is like and how long it takes? I am hoping to get it within 2 months but I am not sure how long it usually takes.

Also, is there any site that gives the requirements like cage requirements and such?

Any input, advice and past experiences is welcome :-)

The USDA site is a pain to navigate.
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: USDA License Info - 11/23/08 12:36 AM

It can sometimes take a while to receive the packet in the first place, so you may have to wait a while. But once you get your packet you will have a sheet to fill out and send in along with a vet care sheet that you and your vet will fill in and you keep. (You have to have a vet come and inspect your facility yearly and sign off that everything is ok).

The first visit by your USDA inspector is usually set up ahead of time (not necessarily far in advance) but they may revisit at any time. It's been a while since I have been through all of that, so others will be along to give you more advice. But the basics are to keep things clean and organized. Have the paperwork for your gliders (know where they came from) if your inspector wants to see it, and have your food areas (where you store and prepare) clean and food labeled. I also always have their emergency kit organized and near the cages, so they could see I was prepared if something should happen.

Good luck with everything!
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