Complex Legal Issue...

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Complex Legal Issue... - 04/07/09 06:51 PM

I've sold sugar gliders in the past. I own four at the moment and I'm thinking about selling off some joeys. Recently in talking with a local pet store I was told that Sugar Gliders were made illegal without permit last August. In response to that I contacted my local state department which deals with such issues. I was informed by a woman who told me that in order to own Sugar Gliders within my state I would have to acquire an "importation permit". In order to get an importation permit I would need to (brace yourself) drive myself (with my four sugar gliders) across state lines in order to get a health certificate from a non-new mexico vet. I would have to most likely take all my Gliders to Arizona... I asked if there was any way around this.. Nothing.. In order to Legally own a sugar glider I would have to go through all of this trouble and take my gliders on a huge road trip..

Now the really crazy part about this is that after my conversation with this woman I contact the federal department. They told me that if I wanted to sell my gliders than I would not need any special license.. I could just sell them as is and without any documents. The new owners would receive the animals however no proof of ownership and that would be completely legal if done through a newspaper add. (I would require doc's if I were to sell to pet stores but not to people one-on-one)

Now if your paying attention in reading this than you may have noticed that this would obviously lead to one huge problem. If I ever choose to sell a sugar glider to any new owner than they would have to also drive down to Arizona to acquire importation permits!

What a crazy loop of legal nonsense!

I would really love to hear from anyone who may be a little more apt in these matters... thank you..

Should I bother getting a permit? It sounds like I would have to be completely insane to go through this and I would hate to have to put my gliders through this as well...
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/07/09 07:30 PM

I'm sorry that they are putting you through such a mess with things. We do have members here from Arizona and New Mexico, so hopefully someone will be able to help answer your questions.

Wishing you all the luck with your little ones.
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/07/09 10:02 PM

Thank you :] hopefully I can get some help on this.

The person I spoke to was well aware that I acquired my gliders through a legal person-person (non-business) sale and yet apparently I don't legally own them in the state of New Mexico.

Its almost comedic if this is true. It gave me a good chuckle that's for sure..

Someone please give me advice :[

Is it just one of those things where its a law but not worth following... Without a doubt I know I will -not- drive my sugar gliders out to Arizona... I've never heard of anything so absurd.
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/07/09 11:04 PM

sounds a little kooky to me!

What is the 'punishment' for owning a non-owned glider?(lol)

How can one fine you for owning one, if you don't 'own' it by law's definition?

And how do you sell something in which you do not own?
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/08/09 02:48 PM

Hi I'm new here and my wife just got me two sugar gliders yesterday.I was looking around for a good forum because I see so much conflicting information on different sites when I stumbled upon this post. This caught my eye because in addition to our new sugar gliders we have snakes, chameleons, and other lizards and a parrot. If there was some sort of exotic pet regulation here it would really affect me.

It does not seem to make sense to me that you would need a permit for your sugar gliders... I can't find any laws directly relating to them. My wife bought ours from a local store that we trust and sells many other exotics. In addition to the sugar gliders, we have bought snakes from them and they sell a whole variety of animals without telling people they need permits, and they have been around for years. I'd think if this was illegal they would be out of business. Additionally, I have seen many other exotics sold here without any mention of anything like this. I have spoke to breeders of other animals (parrots, snakes) and have never heard of anything like this.

I did a quick google search of "exotic pet laws new mexico" and the only laws I see are that it is illegal to own non-domestic felines, crocodiles, wolves, alligators and primates as pets. There ARE laws regarding the importation of exotic wildlife that sound an awful lot like what you are talking about. Maybe whoever you talked to thought thats what you meant? Perhaps,because as far as I know, almost nothing is IMPORTED here the person was unfamiliar with how exactly the laws work? I might be wrong, but sales and interstate transport are different that importation. Heres the like for the laws:

If you find anything else out please keep me updated!
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/08/09 04:09 PM

I find that a little odd too!
Did you tell the lady where you got your gliders from and that they aren't imported? Maybe if you didn't tell her she was confused? Maybe she thought you were going to import them? I don't know. I would deffinitly look further into that. I would hate for something to happen to your babies!!!
Some states will take them from you! frown

Let us know what you find out! I think if it's true then it's rediculous!
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/10/09 03:45 AM

most of the time when the law is talking about import with animal law they are talking about the import of a wild animal from another country so i dont see a problem if they came from another state but that is just my input onto the subject
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 04/23/09 11:04 AM

I don't know about animals that were already in the state before the regulations/laws were passed, but NM does have an "exotic" animal regulation that requires a permit before importing INTO THE STATE. Importation can mean into a state as well as a country, depending on how laws and regulations are worded. Don't take anyone's word on regulations and laws. Ask for the title or section of the state code of regulations so that you can look it up yourself. Always know the state code (and your county/city code, too). Keep a printed copy on hand, just in case the authorities ever come knocking, so you can show what the laws/regs really are. And remember, in most cases, unless you have a permit that gives them the ability, if any authorities do ask to come into your home, they legally cannot enter without your permission unless they have a search warrant.
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Re: Complex Legal Issue... - 05/20/09 03:47 PM

I would call the lady back and explain it again in more detail. Some states require a health/wellness check, filling out an aplication, and a small fee when importing animals from another state or import from someplace else. The fee for this in Illinois is fairly minimal. I think it is another way to generate revenue. In state purchases of animals bred and born domestically should not fall into this category, but your state may be different??? BRED & BORN IN YOUR STATE DOMESTICALLY/IN CAPTIVITY are the key words for exotics with state agencies when you call. Hopefully she misunderstood you. I would also ask the person/place you purchased from. Check Local city/county regulations as well. Some require a permit to keep them as pets or yet another if you plan on ever selling a joey. Some regulations are worse than deciphering tax laws with the IRS, lol. Good Luck!! It sounds odd to me, but I am curious to see how this plays out.
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