are sugargliders legal in NC

Posted By: Crystal20000

are sugargliders legal in NC - 08/26/09 12:58 AM

My friend who lives in North Carolina is wanting to get a pair of sugar gliders. I was wondering if you ya'll could tell me if they are legal there and where would I find a pair for her?
Posted By: saturngirl

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 08/26/09 01:26 AM

Yes, gliders are legal in NC. You can look at craigslist and also look at the glider ads on here too.
Posted By: StitchsMom

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 08/26/09 02:25 AM

Because this is more of a question about legality that may spark conversation, I'm going to move this post to Regulations and Laws. Why don't you suggest to your friend that they join Glider Central? smile If she feels comfortable, she can begin the search for the pair of gliders that fits her. It's really best for the owner to find gliders that suit their lifestyle, personality, etc. She can even post her own wanted ad or browse the glider ads here on the forum. You can still help her through the whole process and tutor her, but she can also be actively involved if she registers. thumb
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 09/04/09 12:02 AM

Yes they are legal here, I am in the Jacksonville NC area, if you'd like to PM me, I can give you contact info and would be happy to help find a good pair locally for your friend, as well as give pointers on where to find things at the best prices as far as glider necessities and diet go! laugh
Posted By: Guerita135

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 09/04/09 12:20 AM

Be sure to check your local county laws as well because some counties have laws against owning gliders.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 09/04/09 12:23 AM

ooo good point smile
Posted By: SariYappa

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 09/04/09 12:28 AM

Hi Crystal...
You may already know this... but since you are new, may I add...

Please make sure to let your friend do the purchasing! Since you are in Georgia, it is illegal for you to purchase or even obtain a glider if it's not from a USDA registered breeder thumb

What is your friend's name?
We'd love to meet her/him. smile
Posted By: Sheila

Re: are sugargliders legal in NC - 09/05/09 11:49 PM

I would not recommend looking on Craigslist. I find that people who list them on Craigslist, don't generally belong to a community such as this one and don't even know what to feed a glider. Many times the glider's health has been compromised because of poor diet. There are a few breeders, but I would start by looking at the thread on here that people sign up with the state they are in. There are breeders probably listed on the breeder list on this site as well.
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