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Clarification? - 12/02/09 09:58 PM

Is it that you need a USDA license if you just have more than three breeding females, regardless of selling the offspring, or that you need a license if you are selling babies, period, no matter how many breeding females you have?
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Re: Clarification? - 12/02/09 10:04 PM

The way it is written is...

IF you have more than three breeding females AND you are selling the offspring, then you must be USDA licensed.

If you have only 2 breeding females and are selling the offspring, you do not need the license. Also, there is no license regulation on how many gliders you can have, breeding or otherwise UNLESS you are selling the babies.
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Re: Clarification? - 12/02/09 10:07 PM

Ah, okay, thank you for the clarification!
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